Factory and warehouse pest control services

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Factory and warehouse pest control services

Factory and warehouse pest control services


Factories & warehouses are vulnerable to pests, especially if they process and store food items.

Pests are very opportunistic so they will find ways to enter your property and find favourable places to breed and feed.

There are many dark, damp, and dirty corners for the pests to hide in once they enter your property.

Most factories and warehouses  have open doors and wide entryways, and these can allow a number of pests to crawl in.


How do I get rid of pests in my factory or warehouse ?


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With over 20 years of experience working with all types of factory and warehouse facilities , we understand how important a pest free environment is for your staff & clients.

What YOU can do!

  • Ensure adequate air ventilation
  • reduce warehouse temperatures
  • prevent moisture build-up
  • Position water faucets for easy access to water
  • Use pallets or shelves so floors can be hosed down
  • Maintain a sanitary environment
  • Do not store or consume food in the warehouse
  • Securely store trash
  • Clean floors and empty shelves daily
  • Dust all stored cartons weekly
  • Cover windows with mesh screens.
  • Ensure doors close/seal properly
  • Remove and properly destroy, as necessary, all expired, damaged, or otherwise unusable products.
  • Immediately repair leaks of any kind since insects and rodents are attracted to moist places.
  • Paint or varnish structural wood as needed to help prevent the infestation of wood-damaging insects such as termites.
  • Seal or screen any cracks or holes large enough to allow entrance of pest
  • Keep doors and windows closed when not in use.
  • Regularly clean the outside of the warehouse
  • Clean gutters and rainwater pipes (downspouts) once a month
  • Repair any roof cracks or breaks.
  • Store garbage securely in appropriate receptacles away from the building
  • Select and locate lighting to minimize attraction of pests.
  • Replace mercury light bulbs with high-pressure sodium vapor lights, if feasible.
  • Place outside lighting away from warehouse entrances/exits.
  • Attach lights apart from but directed toward warehouse buildings, rather than affixed to the building.
  • Implement a long-term pest control management program

Long term Integrated Management Program


There are three keys to effective pest management, prevention & sanitation, detection and chemical control.


  • Sanitation can reduce feeding and breeding sites.
  • Chemical control is the most effective way to eliminate a pest infestation
  • Treatments are carried out with low toxic and non-toxic procedures and techniques.
  • Hygiene and sanitation levels must be above standards to help us integrate a pest management program to suit you.
  • Cleaning of drains, removal of rubbish, sealing of cracks and devices will help keep a pest free environment in and around your food production areas.


What kind of pests can you find in factories and warehouses?

Why choose Sydneys Best Pest Control?

We understand the need for discreet and fast responses, Sydneys Best Pest Control offer effective treatment programs tailored to your needs.

Designed programs offer Economical treatments that:

  • Minimise health issues
  • Limit disruption to staff and clients
  • Sydneys Best Pest Control have trained and experienced technicians who work discreetly.
  • Out of hours visits are available if required, at a time to suit you.

Health & Safety documentation as required, including:

  • Risk assessments
  • MSDS Data sheets
  • Log books
  • Contact details
  • Reports
  • Locked bait boxes ensuring safety.
  • Dedicated staff to answer any queries you may have.
  • No automated service, No call centre, just a friendly voice at the end of the phone.