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ant 4

Australia is home to thousands of ant species and certain types can cause damage to your homes...

Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on human blood...



Sydney is notorious for its cockroaches. They live among us scuttling inside our homes...

Bees & Wasps


Bees & Wasps nest around humans due to a ready food supply and can deliver painful stings if disturbed...



Flies spread 100s of harmful pathogens causing diseases such as Shigella, Salmonella & E. coli...



Historically rodents have been responsible for the transmission of various deadly diseases...



Termites in your home or business often lead to costly damage, therefore require urgent attention...



Australia is home to some of the most venomous spiders on Earth such as the Sydney funnel web...






Powder Roof void, sub-floor, External: perimeter spray house & garage, sheds, etc external window & door frames, eaves, gutters Internal accessible skirting boards, To harbourage areas of kitchen, laundry & other areas as required. Apply Gel to Internal: accessible skirting boards, To harbourage areas of kitchen, laundry & other areas as required

6 Months


Bait Kitchen cavities and wall voids as required, Bait applied to harbourage areas of kitchen, laundry & other areas as required. Bait applied externally to required areas.

3 Months (Externally)

6 Months (Internally


Depending on location but generally all rooms, behind bed, under bed, skirting boards and electrical outlet

NIL (90% of past treatments only required one visit)


Powder or blanket spray sub-floor External: perimeter, most of the external areas and garage, internal carpet and floor boards

3 Months after 2nd treatment


Install cage and relocate possum humanely according to National Parks and Wild Life act.

0 Months

Birds/Bird Lice

Nest removal if there is no damage to roof or roof void, light internal treatment of carpet and walls.

6 Months


Try and remove bees if possible, otherwise apply dust to bee nest

6 Months

Wasps, Hornets

Treatment of nest. Removal after 3 days optional (DO NOT REMOVE NEST AS THEY CAN REBUILD).

6 Months


Powder roof void and sub-floor External: Perimeter spray house and garage, sheds, external window and door frames, eaves and gutters Internal: Accessible skirting boards, harbourage areas of kitchen, laundry and other areas as required.

6 Months


Full external blanket spray to lawns

Ongoing treatments required, or buy yourself chickens, ducks or geckos

General Treatment

Powder roof void and sub-floor, External: Perimeter spray house and garage, sheds, external windows and door frames, eaves and gutters Internal: Accessible skirting boards, harbourage areas of kitchen, laundry and other areas as required.

6 Months






Type of pesticide Low Toxic, No synthetic pyrethroid dust

Dragnet Dust or similar


Low Toxic synthetic pyrethroid dust or Low Toxic no smell synthetic pyrethroid spray

Dragnet Dust, Biforce or similar


Low toxic gel

Maxforce Gel, Scuttle, Advion

Internal Areas

Low Toxic no smell synthetic pyrethroid spray

Temprid, Seclira


Low Toxic no smell synthetic pyrethroid spray


Rodent Bait

2 dose poison

Ditrac/Talon etc

Sydneys Best Pest Control can offer an extensive range individual pest services and/or packaged programs for the control of all common household pests such as rodents (rats & mice), cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, possums & silverfish.

These services can be quoted over the phone upon request.

Other pests such as nuisance birds (pigeons, indian mynaghs sparrows) and termite treatments generally require a site visit by a qualified technician to provide a meaningful proposal.

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