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To administer effective bed bug treatments, you need to determine how severe the infestation is. Tell-tale signs can be seen when you have a bed bug infestation in your home:

  • Bed Bug faecal spots on your mattress and bedding
  • Blood stains on your bed sheets and pyjamas
  • Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons and shells

A musty, offensive odour can be detected in the room if the bed bug infestation is severe. This odour comes from their scent glands.


Our Part: We will spray a special bedbug insecticide as stated in the bed bug practice code handbook. We can either treat the entire residence (excluding kitchen) or just rooms. Treatment areas include bed, draws, power points, behind pictures, carpet and edges, floor boards, behind electrical equipment and anywhere else deemed necessary.

Your Part Before the Bedbug Treatment: Wash all items in wardrobes and cupboards in hot water and eucalyptus oil. Place in a hot dryer. If you cannot place in a hot dryer, FREEZE THE CLOTHES. Place in plastic bags and wear your clothes in and out of the plastic bags for the next 6 weeks. We understand that this is difficult, but 6 weeks is a good indicator if the little bed bugs are gone. Second treatments maybe be required but not before 4-6 weeks. This enables any live bed bugs and eggs that have hatched to come across the insecticide.

After the Bed Bug Treatment: Bed bugs will decrease over the next 6 weeks, expect a 50% reduction in the first week. You may still see and get bitten over the next few weeks, but that will decrease. If after 6 weeks you are still getting bitten or seeing bed bedbugs a second treatment may be required.


We use a chemical application to all affected areas; this may be done to one room or the entire house, depending on the level of infestation.

If more than one room is affected we would recommend that you treat the entire house.

The areas treated will include:

  • Bed frame and slats
  • Mattress
  • Drawers
  • Power points
  • Behind pictures
  • Carpet and edges
  • Floorboards
  • Behind electrical equipment
  • Anywhere deemed necessary 


Before you begin to treat for bed bugs, Sydney’s Best Pest Control recommends:

  • Wash all clothes, shoes, bags
  • Clean inside cupboards with hot water and eucalyptus oil
  • Place clothes in a hot dryer
  • Freeze the clothes if you cannot place in a hot dryer
  • Once treated, place clothes in plastic bags for the next 6 weeks
  • Second treatments may be required but not before 4-6 weeks

This enables any live bed bugs and eggs that have hatched to come across the insecticide

We believe any further treatments within the first 3 weeks to be too soon as the insecticide application is still present.


If you intend on taking your clothing to the dry cleaner you do need to make them aware that you have a bedbug issue at your property so they can keep your clothing away from other customer’s clothes. Bedbugs can spread via clothing.


For the bedbugs to die they need to meet the chemical application, which when they have done so can take up to 10-12 hours to die.

As bedbugs are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and are awake at night, it can take time for them to come across the chemical application.

Heat Treatments – Why They Are Not Recommended?

For heat or steam to be effective against bedbugs the temperature needs to be between 65-75 degrees for a sustained period. Apart from the risk of fire, burns from the heat and steam areas such as cracks and crevices may not penetrate the heat, deeming the process inadequate.

Heat and steam can also damage furniture and has the potential of causing mould from the moisture left behind after steaming.

How Does Freezing Kill Bedbugs?

Any item for freezing should be placed loosely into a bag, and as always, this must be done in the infested room prior to removal.

The amount of time in the freezer would be dependent on the size of the item; the larger the item, the longer in the freezer.

If the freezer is operating at or around -200C, then two hours at this temperature will kill all stages.

However, for the average household freezer, studies indicate that 10 hours will be required.

Dense items may take several days for the centre to cool sufficiently to kill the bugs and the longer an item is kept frozen, the more likely the bugs will be destroyed.

Naylor and Boase suggest that 10 hours of freezing is required per 2.5kg of dry weight of laundry.


In the adult life of a female bed bug, it can lay up to twelve eggs in a day. Their preferred nesting grounds are rough surfaces and crevices or cracks. They stick to these surfaces due to an adhesive deposited by the female with the egg. It takes six to seventeen days before the egg hatches. When nymphs hatch, they instantly begin feeding as they need a meal of blood in order to shed. Initially after the fifth moult, they have already reached the peak of their maturity. Therefore, the period of growth depends on the food and temperature. However, nymphs and adult bed bugs can live up to several months without feeding. A typical life span of an adult bed bug is twelve to eighteen months. In a year, there will be at least three generations of bed bugs spawned.

Bed bug information about their hiding places can be quite helpful in treating the infestation. Their dark hiding places are usually small cracks and crevices where they can fit themselves into. More often than not, they choose hiding-spots near their feeding grounds or where their host usually sleeps. They prefer wood, paper, and fabric surfaces which are why you can usually see them in seams, tufts, and the folds of mattresses. When they spawn enough, their dwelling grounds will expand to the crevices of the bedstead and places under the bed. You can also see them in various places in the house, not just in the bedroom.

bed bug life cycle


A bed bug bite is painless. However, the salivary fluid causes irritation and inflammation of the area. The inflammation differs depending on the sensitivity of the skin. A white welt, which is typically swollen, hard and small, forms at the site where a host is bitten. It will be itchy for a couple of days and scratching will cause the marks to be infected. There is no significant blood loss that can adversely affect a host. It is common to see a row of welts in the skin which is a distinct to bed bugs. In spite of their seemingly harmless bites, bed bug information exposes them as carriers of diseases. People with a bed bug infestation in their homes are stressed, anxious, and they have difficulty sleeping at night.

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Bed bugs will decrease over the next 6 weeks.

You can expect a 50% reduction in the 1st week and this will continue to decrease over the next few weeks. It is quite normal to still see and get bitten by bedbugs during this time and if after 6 weeks you are still getting bitten or seeing bed bugs this is the indication that the follow-up treatment is required.

If you are not getting bitten, but you feel, see or think there are bed bugs, give us a call to discuss.

If you have not prepared as per above instructions, chances of second treatments will be much higher.

Bed Bug Warranty

Although there is no warranty, due to the fact, we cannot control who comes in out of your home, we can honestly say that we have 100% eradicated any bedbug in all the bedbug infestation we have treated 

Further info on bedbugs:

what do bedbugs look like

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