What pests can be found lurking in your warehouse?

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What pests can be found lurking in your warehouse?

What pests can be found lurking in your warehouse?

Warehouses are known as a pest haven for many pets. Warehouses provide easy access to lots of places where pests can gain entry and hiding places.

Warehouses that store food are in fact at a higher risk of pest infestation.

What pests can be an issue in warehouses ?


People don’t often pay attention to cockroaches until it is too late, as it is common to see cockroaches in spaces such as a warehouse. The issue arises when cockroach infestations become out of hand or when they find cockroaches inside products and are being introduced into client facilities.

Getting top of a cockroach issue is always worth the money spent on treatments as cockroaches can not only cause damage to your product, but also to people’s health as they are known to spread diseases from their droppings.





Rats and mice are the most common pest found in warehouses, especially during the colder months as rodents seek out warmer areas to shelter.

Warehouses provide perfect spots to escape and hide until the weather warms up going into spring and summer.

Rats & mice can squeeze into small spaces, so it is easy to go unnoticed. A problem that arises from this is if rodents go unnoticed it means that they have the chance to increase their population and become a full-blown infestation in a very short time.

Warehouses that store food are particularly at risk, as rats and mice won’t have to leave the warehouse to search for food.

Rodents are a dangerous pest to leave untreated as they leave a trail of urine and droppings, can damage stock, can cause structural damage, and can become a fire hazard.


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Beetles like many other insects can be found anywhere, but there are certain beetles like to make warehouses their homes.

The most common beetle found in a warehouse is the storage beetle which includes:

These beetles are attracted to grain products which are stored and transported to and from warehouses. The issue with this type of beetle is that it can attack the grain at any point during the harvest, process, transport, or storage stage.

This pest is a major concern for any warehouse that stores food products


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Flies as we all know are a major nuisance in Sydney.

They breed in areas that are moist and dark, a perfect example of a fly breeding area would be the drains.

As flies carry disease they are a big concern for warehouse that process, package and distribute food.

It is crazy to think that a warehouse would never see a fly, especially in Sydney, the important thing to consider is to not let the fly situation become an infestation.

Tips to keep flies under control

  • Keep garbage bins closed
  • Garbage areas should be away from entrances
  • Clean out drains on a regular basis.

There are many pests that warehouses can have issues with, and no matter which pest may be residing in your warehouse, Sydneys Best Pest Control can help if an infestation has already been established or there is a threat of infestation.

Avoid possible unpleasant consequences

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