The brown house spider is often confused with the red back spider as it has a similar body shape and webbing. This spider can often be found in dark places inside your home. Externally sheds, under empty plant pots or among general refuse.Β 


  • Cupboard Spider
  • Dark Comb-footed Spider
  • False Black Widow


  • The female are up to 1.2cm and the male being slightly smaller
  • Mottled cream to brown in colour
  • The legs are reddish brown and are slender & shiny
  • Legs can span up to 25mm
  • Spider but does not inflict a dangerous bite
  • Web may include a curled leaf as a retreat for the spider
  • In webs without the retreat, the spider sits among the tangle
  • When disturbed, drops and lies curled up and still until the apparent danger has passed


  • The female produces many white to cream egg sacs
  • The egg sacs are suspended within her web
  • The female lives for about 2 years
  • The male only lives for a few months
  • After mating the male is usually eaten

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  • Builds untidy, tangled webs
  • Webs can be found on walls, under eaves, around garage doors and among leaves on trees and shrubs.
  • Undisturbed dark areas are ideal for this spider
  • In a cupboard signs of a brown house spider could be white specs of spider droppingsΒ 


  • Bites can be painful but not fatal
  • Symptoms include mild nausea and headache
  • Formation of an itchy red welt at the bite site

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