The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is an aggressive species and one of the deadliest spiders in the world. When the funnel web is threatened it will raise its front legs high off the ground and point its fangs forward ready to strike. When the Sydney funnel web spider strikes it drives its fangs down with force and speed.



  • Atrax robustus
  • sydney funnel web spider
  • australian funnel web


  • The cephalothorax is hairless and appears smooth and glossy black
  • Black, brown or purplish abdomen
  • Body and legs are covered with fine hairs
  • The male has more slender legs
  • The male has a spur on the 3rdΒ part of the 2ndΒ leg
  • The male is 20mm in length
  • The Female is 30mm in lengt


  • Males reach sexual maturity at 4yrs
  • Females reach maturity at 5yrs
  • The male wanders in search for a mate when humidity sets in after heavy rain
  • The Female spend most of her time in her burrow waiting for a mate
  • The male entices the female out of her burrow for mating
  • The female produces an egg-sac with about 100 eggs
  • The egg sac is stored in the burrow until the spiderlings hatch


  • Can be found in NSW from Newcastle to Nowra and west to Lithgow
  • Prefer forested areas
  • Private gardens
  • They build silk-lined burrow under a rock or log
  • The burrow can be up to 60cm long
  • The burrow has 2 entrances
  • They are attracted to water
  • Can be seen in your swimming pool

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  • Male Funnel-web Spiders may wander into buildings searching for a mate
  • They can end up inside your clothes
  • The bit is one of the most dangerous in the world
  • Bites can be fatal
  • Antivenom is available
  • Seek medical treatment immediately if bitten

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