Pest Control In Retail Stores

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Pest Control In Retail Stores

Pest Control In Retail Stores

Anyone in retail knows how important it is to keep the store clean and tidy as dirty stores whether it is a clothes store, electrical store or a grocery store will force customers to shop somewhere else.

The majority of shoppers want to walk into a clean store that is well organised and seeing a store that shows clear signs of negligent housekeeping, and even worse for the shopper is to see an active pest infestation. They will walk out, you will lose a sale and just in any business social media is at its peak, and it won’t be long before your name is tarnished.

Retail stores who do not have an adequate pest control plan also risk failing OH&S and government regulations which could lead to lawsuits, property & stock damage.

Retail stores are mostly at risk of cockroachesrodentsstorage pests and ants

1. Inspect For Entrance Points

Ensure that there are no openings, known as entrance points, on the exterior of the building. These entrance points could be anything from holes in windscreens, foundation issues, a small hole in the corner of the wall or even a door that does not seal correctly.

2. Inspect For Pest Invitations

Things like standing water, rubbish, discarded equipment, pallets, waste can all be an invitation for cockroaches, ants, rodents and even termites. Ensure all discarded goods are done so correctly, by minimising external “junk” you are removing the pest invitation.

3. Clean

This has to be one of the most important aspects of any pest control program, and by cleaning we don’t mean just surface cleaning. You need to have in place a regular full cleaning program which includes wiping down shelves, storage areas etc. If your employees bring food to work ensure that all food items are discarded correctly, spillages are wiped up immediately and that there is no food crumbs, fruit or left over food left out overnight.

You would be surprised by how much pest infestations could be reduced simply by proper cleaning!

4. Educate & Train Your Staff

All employees need to understand the importance of pest control in your retail store, they need to be aware of what they can do to prevent pests becoming a problem. Use a pest sighting registrar and managers/owners should not ignore an employee when they have reported a problem. The longer you leave the pest control service the longer the pests have to continue to breed.

5. Distribution Point

Whenever you receive stock, have a designated distribution point. This area is where all goods are unpacked and examined before making there way to your shelves.

Many German cockroach infestations in retail stores are introduced via stock deliveries. If your wholesaler has an issue with German cockroaches they can be arrive to your store from the delivery you have just received.

By implementing a distribution point you are keeping any potential pest threats to one area.

6. Avoid Clutter

As a retail store it sometimes can be difficult to avoid cluttered up areas. You should be aware that clutter invites pests. The more cluttered your store is, the higher the chance you will experience some kind of pest issue.

Avoiding clutter includes on the floor and in the storage areas.

7. Pest Control Services

Don’t try DIY pest control treatments. Spraying a can of Mortein or Baygon around your shop at the end of the day is not considered a pest control treatment. Use professional pest control technicians that are experienced in treating retail stores. Use a company that is going to work with you to not only solve any current pest infestations, but to prevent future infestations.

If you own a retail store and have any pest infestation issues or maybe you are just not happy with your current pest control provider give Sydneys Best Pest Control a call today on 1800 819 189.

We are so confident in our work that we say if we can’t solve your problem, then no one can. If your pest infestation is not under control after the 3rdvisit, then we will continue to treat your store for free until it is!