Sydney’s Cockroach Diversity

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Sydney's Cockroach Diversity

Sydney’s Cockroach Diversity


Because Sydney is subtropical with warm summers, cool winters and average temperatures, it would be correct in saying that our cockroaches are notorious in warm and humid spots; with the exception of the Oriental cockroach, preferring cooler places.

There are many cockroach species, but the most common and habitual in Sydney are the famous Germans.

Just thinking about these creepy crawlies being present around your living area, is enough to make your own skin crawl. Their absolute favorite spots include dirty sewer systems and grimy environments. Although, no matter how pedantic you are regarding cleanliness, cockroaches appear anywhere, without invitation. There where you never thought it possible to see a roach, that is exactly where they creep out from and into.

What is the difference between the Australian and German cocky?

The first visible sign is their size. The Australian cockroach is larger than life, measuring between 25mm to 35mm in length. When their wings are spread, they are able to fly, while the smaller German cockroach prefers to run like the wind. Even though they have wings. It seems more like a decoration than anything else. The filthy, frequent flyers are the Australians roaches who actually use their wings in flight mode.

Australian cockroaches have a brown body with yellow stripes around the head. They are often mistaken for the American cockroach, but the Australians are smaller in size. They also have the same yellow color around the edges of their wings, where the Americans don’t.

Australian cockroaches are outdoor species and only make their way indoors once the temperatures outside have dropped. They will then seek warmth and cozier spots within your home as well as humid woodpiles, tree bark and greenhouses, hence their infamous “Greenhouse cockroach” pet name. They are often found near sinks, bath tubs, water pipes and drains as their water supply is crucial for survival. Invasion, damage and destruction are often on a much larger scale. Shopping malls, structured buildings and apartment buildings are prime examples.

Don’t forget about your kitchen. This little haven is their primary food supply and the main area to watch out for new signs and wonders.

The German cockroaches’ origin can be traced back to tropical Africa, but this does not mean much when they are the most common specie worldwide. They really are everywhere.

They are typically smaller than the other roaches, measuring between 13mm to 16mm in the adult category. They are recognized by their light brown to tan color with two black horizontal stripes directly behind their heads. The nymphs and younger generation are darker, almost black in color. Men would love the idea of moms and kids being scarier looking than them.

Because they are the smaller of the lot, it is easier to crawl into compact spaces, openings and cracks. They attach themselves to anything that moves. You may find their transportation from an older property to a newer one, quite common as boxes and furniture are their five-star removal cargo systems. In smaller apartments like units, where the plumbing system is shared, their appearance may be more evident. It is often a more challenging task to locate the exact areas withing a larger building in order to eradicate the pest and their nest completely.

German cockroaches gravitate towards warmer spots, areas where food crumbs are often left behind, under kitchen sinks and garbage bins. Once you see them in the kitchen followed by the bedrooms, you know time is running out and the call to remove them immediately has finally arrived.

Known as ‘Hard bodies” and furiously fast, these critters are often more secure within your home, with less outside predators after them. They are able to lay 40 eggs at a time, which means 40 more headaches, that could easily have been avoided in time. This is usually when you smell a distinct odor, often reported as a musky stink. The infestation can spread faster than a wildfire and cause major damage to your home, if not handed over into the capable hands of a professional pest controller.

Cockroaches’ are quite ugly in appearance when spotted unexpectedly. People often see the Australian cockroach not quite as bad looking, due to their lighter color and yellow markings. Do not be fooled, though. They are outside creatures of habit and tend to feed off garbage bins and feces, among many other bacteria infested spots. All this bacterium travels with them to where they find their landing spot, their comfort – your kitchen!!

Dirty dishes, clean ones, counter tops and utensils are often all infected with loathing bacteria without you even noticing them at first. Another danger is the spread of salmonella as these little freaks are carriers of many other pathogens.

Once exposed to their skin shedding, egg cases and their droppings, severe skin allergies can develop as the Australian cockroach produce allergens. Symptoms such as asthma, difficulty breathing, sneezing and skin reactions are prominent.

Both these cockroaches are dangerous as they spread diseases and can be extremely detrimental to our health.

German cockroaches vs Oriental cockroaches

Because they appear similar, German cockroaches can often be distinguished by their behavior. German cockroaches are known as structural pests and found indoors, while the Oriental cockroach is an outside socialite, making use of their wings. The Germans outrun their predators instead, who rarely use their wings

Is it really that important to know the difference?

The short answer is NO.

This only applies if you have a professional pest control company who takes care of the pest issues in and around your home. The team of highly skilled technicians know exactly what to look for in order to determine a specific pest treatment best suited for the area. Not all cockroaches are covered under the same pest treatment, therefor it would be advisable to have some knowledge on their appearance, where they are mostly seen and how it differs to the rest of the cockroach gang.

Cockroach heaven can be roasted!! Call Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1300 760 045. One of our highly trained and skilled technicians would be able to assist in the best and most effective treatment plan in the removal and prevention of pest invasions.

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