8 Cockroach Facts 

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8 Cockroach Facts 

8 Cockroach Facts 

When we think of cockroaches invading our homes, it can trigger thoughts of filth and germs. Sometimes we are even afraid to get out of bed at night for fear of encountering one of these repulsive creatures. Unfortunately, they are a reality, however the good news is that with regular pest treatments it is possible to keep them at bay.

Generally we are aware that cockroach infestations can pose health and safety risks including allergies and asthma that are triggered by cockroach allergens and the bacteria and germs they spread.

There are many other facts to cockroaches other than the health risks that you might not have known.

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8 Cockroach Facts

8 Cockroach Facts 

Cockroaches can without their heads

A cockroach’s body has a head, thorax and abdomen. The antennae which are connected to their head assist them in discerning vibrations and smells. The cockroach’s head consists of eyes, brain and strong mandibles that are used for breaking down food. Despite the fact that their head has so many important components to it, they are able to live without their head being attached to their bodies because they have an open circulatory system consisting of small holes in the thorax and abdomen that allow them to breath without their mouth. They would be able to use this way of breathing to assist them in living for a week without their head.

Cockroaches can hold their breath

Scientists have conducted a variety of test by replicating both wet and dry climates. It was discovered that the cockroaches that live in the dryer climates were able to hold their breath to enable them to retain water in their system. They have valves in their trachea called spiracles which open and close enabling them to receive oxygen and retain water if required. This assists them in delivering oxygen to their cells. Because the spiracles are not constantly open they are able to retain the water.
8 Cockroach Facts 

Cockroaches are able to survive without food

Cockroaches are similar to humans in the way that they are able to survive for longer without food than without water. However they are able to go without eating for nearly a month. Because they require more water than food, Cockroaches will most likely be found in high moisture areas where there is more water such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

A cockroaches can travel up to 3 miles an hour

Often when you go into the kitchen and turn the light on you catch a glimpse of a cockroach running across the counter, but before you blink they have disappeared. Cockroaches are able to move fast when they are threatened due to their six spiny legs. They are also able to see multiple things at one because they have more than a thousand lenses in their eyes. Before you are even in the room they can sense your approach through vibration in their antennae, giving them ample warning to run before you can catch them.
8 Cockroach Facts 

Touch is important for a cockroach

Because cockroaches are thigmotroic, they seek touch along all sides of their bodies by being in close contact with other cockroaches or any solid matter. They can often be seen hiding in groups within the small spaces, cracks and crevices within the walls. Because they are social insects, if a cockroach is separated from others, it has been found to get sick and lose it’s ability to mate.

Cockroaches like alcohol

It has been discovered that cockroaches are attracted to alcohol because of the sugar content. Rubbing alcohol would be of no interest to them as it contains no sugar. One of the things that cockroaches are most attracted to is sugar. They also like grease, cheese, meat, rotting fruit and vegetables and really anything that gives off a strong smell.
8 Cockroach Facts 

Cockroaches are older than dinosaurs

Researched has shown that cockroaches have been on earth for over 280 million years. A single cockroach is capable of producing 30 – 50 eggs six to 8 times within a one year life span.
8 Cockroach Facts 

Cockroaches are cannibals

Cockroaches are not fussy eaters in fact they have been known to eat anything and anything and that includes each other! If there is a scarcity of food, they will eat each other, thus getting rid of their competition at the same time making it easier to gain access to whatever available food sources there are.

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Cockroach Facts


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