What is pest exclusion?

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What is pest exclusion?

What is pest exclusion?

Recurring pest problems can be permanently fixed with pest exclusion.

If you are tired of mice getting in when the weather starts to get cold every year, or you have ongoing issues with birds, maybe it is time to consider a permanent solution once and for all.

Exclusion services offer structural repair work, sealing gaps and crevices, and may include any combination of the following for a permanent solution:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the building structure
  • Identifying access points
  • Caulking cracks and crevices
  • Using expandable foam to seal gaps leading into the building
  • Inserting copper wire mesh in crevices
  • Installing deterrents to ward off pests
  • Placing baited stations around the exterior to control certain types of pests that are harmful to your home and family, or business

Why choose pest exclusion?

Exclusion is a great option if you have experienced recurring problems with pests getting into the inner structure of your property.

It is a proactive way to tackle a pest problem. It works great for keeping mice, rats, birds & possums outside where they belong.

If you would like to consider a pest exclusion option for your home or business call Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189 or contact us via this website.