How Did I Get Cockroaches?

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How did I get cockroaches?

How did I get cockroaches?


This question is one that has plagued home owners from years. You are seeing them in the back of the kitchen drawers, outside, in the garage and even worse the food cupboards. YUCK right?

The main issue is understanding how cockroach infestations spread and how to prevent them from coming into your home.

Do you know how most cockroach infestations occur?

………….You bring them in yourself.


YUP! That’s right!

Many times they may come into your home, by stepping on them and bringing them in on your shoe. A female cockroach carries her eggs around with her, so when you step on a female cockroach you are potentially introducing her eggs into your house. The eggs hatch into baby cockroaches where ever you leave your shoes.

Once they have found a nice warm spot inside your home, usually anywhere that is dark and damp they start to nest. The most common areas are under or behind your stove, easy food & warmth!

Cockroaches can also hitch a ride inside boxes and bags that come from shops or the supermarket (and flat packed furniture – I myself have been a victim of this one!)

It really is quite easy to prevent cockroaches, if you don’t want them, ensure you check any bags or boxes before bringing them into your home!

… In saying this, if you did not carry them in through your shoes, bags or boxes then it is quite possible that they have squeezed in on their own.

We have heard so many times customers saying “I am clean, my house is not dirty” the truth is cockroaches don’t come into your home because it’s dirty. They are coming in looking for food, warmth and water, and inside your home, inside your roof, in your garage is the perfect environment for them.

Now in saying this we do want to make something clear, if your home is cluttered, left over food is left out, cockroaches are going to thrive in this environment, hence having a clean home is important to prevent pests, however it is not the first and final stop!

Did you know that a large adult cockroach can slide into a gap as thin as 25.4mm!! …Now that is one tiny gap, which is why we advise sealing up any gaps that could potentially invite cockroaches into your home.

On top of the steps you can take, conducting annual pest control services by Sydney’s Best Pest Control will provide your home with a protective barrier against cockroaches.

If you find cockroaches in your home, get on top of the issue before they get on top of you, and call Sydney’s Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189.

Remember cockroaches reproduce quickly, spread disease and bacteria which can pose a serious health risk to your family if not dealt with properly.