Originating in tropical Africa, the German cockroach is now found worldwide and typically inhabits humid, dark environments where it can easily hide. This species of cockroach is easily identifiable by two dark brown strips running down the outside edge of the pronotum – the ‘shield’ in between the head and wings. German cockroaches are a light brown or tan colour and are approximately 13 – 16mm in length.

German cockroaches are arguable the most irritating of the cockroach species as they are small, fast and able to constantly reproduce, making them quite a nuisance for home and business owners trying to rid themselves on a German cockroach infestation. They are also incredibly unhygienic, contaminating food with an odorous discharge secreted from their body as well as spreading salmonella and e.coli across every surface they walk on. Cockroach debris such as faeces and cuticles are also known asthma triggers.

The most effective method for preventing a German cockroach infestation in your home or business is maintaining good hygiene. Vacuum, dispose of garbage and wipe down benches, floors and sinks regularly. Even if you just spot one cockroach, it could be a sign of others hidden behind the walls and in cracks and crevices of your property. For free cockroach identification or to book an inspection with one of our friendly technicians, get in touch with the team at Sydney’s Best Pest Control today.