Prevention is better than the cure…when it comes to pest control

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Prevention is better than the cure...when it comes to pest control

When it comes to pest control…Prevention is better than the cure.

Whether it is for your business or home prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to pest control.

Why wait until a pest issue becomes an issue when you can take steps to prevent them before they start?

Pests are known to transmit diseases, cause health issues such as skin irritations, asthma, bites etc. For businesses, pest infestations can cause consumer loss, complaints and financial losses from spoiled food, damage to buildings and equipment & more so your reputation.

In a commercial setting, ongoing pest control treatments can prevent pests becoming a problem for your staff and clients.

It is easier and cost effective to have preventative pest control measures in place to prevent infestations rather than just treating a pest issue when it occurs.

We have put together some tips that you can do to prevent pests becoming an issue in your home or business.

Residential prevention methods:

  • Pest Proof your home
  • Seal cracks and holes around pipes, windows and doors
  • Do not store cardboard boxes paper goods in your home
  • Keep kitchen clean
  • Cover food
  • Clean up food or liquid spillages
  • Clean food debris from under and behind appliances
  • Avoid keeping still water in the yard EG in watering cans
  • Keep drains clear and running
  • Clear gutters and draining pipes of debris
  • Keep rubbish in sealed bins
  • Dispose of rubbish regularly during the summer months
  • Wash bins out weekly to prevent maggots and flies
  • Keep the lawns mowed
  • Trim back bushes and trees
  • Ensure trees are not over hanging onto the house

Commercial prevention methods

  • Clean up after preparing food
  • Wash up dishes & cups
  • Wipe down benches
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Dispose of rubbish promptly
  • Check the building for gaps/holes which pests may gain access
  • Set up a preventative pest control management plan suited to your nests

Whilst prevention is always better than a cure, there will be times when one must resort to calling in the professionals.

We do not recommend DIY pest control treatments & for more information on this please see What are the dangers of DIY pest control treatments

If you find you are in need of a pest control treatment give one of our dedicated agents a call on 1800 819 189 or email us