The Pest Controllers that don’t come back

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The Pest Controllers that don’t come back

The Pest Controllers that don’t come back

Say what? What do you mean your not coming back?? I am sure the pest control service came with a warranty?

Their looking for excuses not to come back! Isn’t that what you thought when you read the title?

Sydneys Best Pest Control is proud to say that we are the pest controllers that don’t come back… Why?

We do the right job the first time!

Many clients have told me other companies need 2-3 visits to eradicate a pest issue; however with us only ONE treatment is required!

Many other Pest control companies only use 1 or 2 chemicals and think they can solve your problem, with just these chemicals.

For example Ants need a non repellent treatment, something to take back to the nest. Using the spider or large cockroach spray only kills what’s on top of the ground

German cockroaches need something to attract them and be able to spread the rest of the population. And non repellence again is important.

Spiders and large outdoor variety cockroaches on the other hand need to be flushed out.

There may be situations where a customer is informed a 2nd treatment MAY be required and this really depends on the extent of the pest infestation, and what type of pest you are dealing with, such as severe German cockroach infestations, bedbugs & fleas, however from our records and history we can say that 95% of the time only one treatment has ever been required.

This statement does not mean we will not come back if there is a need for it, however these situations are very rare, and when they do arise we stand by our guarantee and return to your property at NO COST TO YOU!

You have tried the rest, now try the best!