Do not do your Pest Control!!

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Do not do your Pest Control!!

Do not do your Pest Control!!

A big statement to tell someone, if they are seeing cockroaches and spiders isn’t it?

If you allow me to explain myself,  you more than likely will agree with me.

We get many people calling asking for pest advice  and just to let you know, we are more than happy to give you this pest information for free, including if you are someone else customer. No webs attached. My main concern in writing this, is that pest control is most of the time a seasonal business, In summer it’s all hands on board and in the cooler months, cash flow does slow down. So if pest business has not factored in for the slower cooler months or they are profit only driven, they can get cash strapped and so more than likely will do anything to bring money. So if you are told it’s OK to do the pest service in wet weather and the service includes an external treatment, I would say DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Had a lady email us the other day

Property Details: if you do not stop your sales team calling me I will make a formal complaint.

my address is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Message: I would not and will not ever use your services again you are a nuisance.

I have asked more than 6 times to stop calling, its really bloody irritating that your team do not listen!

We had to call her back ASAP, to let her know it’s not us, and that we never call you, 6 times and we will never book you in for a pest service, (which has an external component to be treated) in wet weather.

With the lady that emailed, we helped her track down the pest company calling her. We do not want to mention the company and they are not located in India, but on the central coast, north of Sydney. This company has a large telemarketing team, that make many cold calls and it’s not the first time we have had a company complain to us about them.

So when you get these pest companies, whose main aim is profit 1st, customer 2nd and service 3rd , you will get pest control companies, who only see you as a dollar figure. Again if you are being pressured to book your pest service in or they do not cancel on wet rainy days, like the last week in Sydney. MY ADVICE FIND A PEST CONTROL COMPANY YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH.


Sam Yehia



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