It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

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Its Raining, Its Pouring



Simply, we don’t want your pest control treatment washed away with the rain. Units/apartments or any indoor only treatment can still be carried out, but anything that requires an external spray is best not to do it when it is pouring with rain.

However, if it is cloudy, looks like it may rain or we experience very light rain about 1-5mm, the pest control is can still be done, if your concerned you can always give us a call and speak to a consultant.

What happens if after my pest control it starts rains heavily?

Usually once the chemicals have dried, there should not be an issue, but just to be on the safe side and to ensure our customers are happy most companies have a system in place where they record the customers that had their pest control done on days that it rained, in 4 weeks a consultant should call you to see how things are going. If you are experiencing any pest issues the company will organize for a technician to come back to your house and respray the external areas.

What treatments can be done on rainy days?


  • All Unit/apartments – no matter what the treatment


  • Any internal spray/dusting/gel application such as:
    • German cockroach Treatments
    • Internal flea Treatments
    • Rodent Treatments
    • Bedbug Treatments
    • Lice Treatments

Commercial Properties

  • Any Internal treatment such as:
    • Internal office spaces
    • Restaurants, cafes, take away shops etc

Final Note:

If you wake up in the morning and see that it is raining, don’t automatically grab for your phone to cancel your appointment, leave the judgement up to the professionals. If we believe the rain is heavy to impact on your pest control, and your required treatment is something that cannot be done in the rain we will send you a txt message saying that “due to the weather your appointment will need to be rescheduled”, you will receive a call from our office staff to re-book your appointment.

If it rains the night before and the day of your booking is fine then there is no need to cancel your appointment!