What happens when pest controllers stuff up

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When Pest Controllers Stuff Up!

When Pest Controllers Stuff Up!

This is probably a topic that no other pest control company would ever discuss and would certainly never like to make public. Sydneys best pest control is taking a stand, a leap forward and are talking about things that can go wrong during your pest control treatment and how we are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right. No one is perfect and we all have the chance to mess something up. It is unfortunate when accidents occur and we do want to hear about it!

Incident 1

We had a customer who had pest control done in their unit and whether it was due to a mistake on the techs behalf or whether wind caused a drift of the chemicals sadly her pet fish started dying.

Steps we took!

  • Full refund
  • plus an additional was given to allow her to replace her fish & to buy new herbs for the garden.
  • The techs have received and are still under taking further training.

Incident 2

A customer had a rodent treatment done. The mice and rats had eaten some of the bait and had passed it through their droppings inside an aviary  2 of the birds had eaten some of the droppings and became ill.

Steps we took!

  • The customer only wanted to know the name and ingredients of the baits that were used so the vet could decide the best course of treatment. We were able to provide the customer and vet with detailed MSDS sheets and information that was used to save her birds.

In both of these instances the customers were satisfied with our responses & actions.

We were glad these customers informed us and in future we ask all our customers to do the same thing, if there ever is an issue let us know so that we can rectify it!

This allows us not only to repair any damage but it shows us areas we can  improve on.

If you have ever had an experience where pest control has gone wrong feel free to mention it in a comment.

The more we know about what can go wrong, the more educated, experience we can gather to prevent the same incident happening again in the future.