5 Things SBPC Wants You To Understand!

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Pest Control Expectations

5 Things SBPC Wants You To Understand!

When it comes to pest control there is a lot of misconceptions about what pest control does and what a customer should expect from the pest control technician.

No one enjoys seeing bugs or rodents on and in their property, however it is important that you stay calm and listen to the advice of the experts.  There is no miracle cure when it comes to pest control, remember the saying good things come to those who wait? The same principle applies to pest control. The treatments will work, however it will take time, especially if the infestation is an established one. The longer a pest issue has been there, the longer it will take to eradicate.

Your pest control technician will be able to advise you on what to expect, how long it will take and ways to prevent future infestations.

1.       A Technician Is Not An “Exterminator.”

When you hear the word exterminator most people would envision someone a cloud of toxic smoke releasing chemicals in their house to kill off all the pests that are around, however while the word exterminator is associated with pest control technicians they really are not exterminators.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control technicians will come to your property, will assess the situation and will design a plan to not only eradicate your pest control issues but also provide a plan that is going to prevent them coming back.

2. But, My Kitchen Is Clean!

This would be the most common phrase our consultants hear!

Just because your kitchen is clean does not automatically protect your home against unwanted guests. There are many things in and around your home that the pests may see as an attractive environment; food is only one of them. There are pests who like moisture, and will enter because there is good access to water.

3. One Off Treatments Are Never A Permanent Fix!

One off pest control treatments will make an immediate, positive difference to your pest infestation; however, it is important to remember that just because you may no longer be seeing any bug right now does not mean they can’t come back.

From our experience in time they usually do!

This is why we recommend annual pest control treatments for our residential customers and ongoing programs for our commercial customers.

For our residential customers we will take the hassle of remembering when your next pest control service is due, because we will send you a reminder!

For our commercial customers, we will call you before your next scheduled appointment to book in a time that is suitable for you!

4. Our Technicians Also Need Your Help.

When you call and preparation requirements are given to you, it is essential to the effectiveness of the treatment that you follow these recommendations. We want to give our customers the best treatment possible, but if only one side is doing their part, it will not be as successful as if it could be when we work together.

If a technician recommends a change in something in your home, they are not saying it to be mean or put you down, they are saying it to help eradicate your situation faster.

However, please do not try to over help our technicians by doing any DIY treatments as this can make situations worse, leave it to the professionals and take on board their advice.

5. Some Pest Activity Is Beneficial

We are not referring to termites, rats, mice, ants, cockroaches or fleas!

Insects that cause no harm and are a part of the natural beauty of this planet such as lady bugs, praying mantis and butterflies are not pests!

They are simply trying to live in this world as we are, each has an important role to play in our ecosystem!

These insects and many more like this should be left alone, however if at any stage you have a concern feel free to give us a call!