We are not a money driven company, that is going to leave your pockets empty We base our success on honest, good service!
Customer satisfaction is our main focus. Sure there may be companies out there that will do the job at a cheaper price, but are you getting the best service you possibly can be? Are they going to get the job done, first time, every time?
There have been numerous occasions where Sydneys Best Pest Control have been called in to clear up the mess of other companies, where they have simply not taken the time to find out where the real issues are. Where the problems are arising from, they simply want to go in, seem as though they are doing their job, and take the money right out of your pockets, leaving you needing to call in another company to fix the mess they left behind!
Commercial Clients can rest knowing that at the most 1-2 treatments may be required and if we have not ridden your pest problem by the third visit, your treatments are FREE until the issue is resolved. What more could a company want?
Residential customers we have not forgotten you, we offer you a 6 month no questions asked warranty period. If you find that after you have had a treatment done by us, you are not completely satisfied, give us a call and we will organise a tech to come to your property and look at the issue and treat again, otherwise, we will refund your money.
How much more reassurance do you need that we are looking out for YOU! The best advice anyone can get is from customers who have tried our services! Word of mouth is one of our greatest assets, as we know if you are not happy, you won’t refer us to your friends and family. Check out our feedback and judge for yourself!