Over recent months I have taken a few calls about possible pest activity in wooden furniture.

To answer the most common question, yes termites & wood borers can attack wooden furniture, vases & statues!

When visiting auction houses or recycled furniture stores; always check the wood carefully for any signs of pest activity. This could be something as small as a hole or a track line in the wood.

Yes, lines, tracks & holes could just be a sign of wood ageing and can add character to a piece of furniture, giving it its own unique look and style, however if you are unsure you can always take a photo of the piece and where the problem may be and send it through to us!

If we suspect there could be any damage from termites or borers we will let you know!

Do not fret… If you have already bought the item and suspect a termite or borer infestation do not delay another day, give us a call for advice.

Depending on how dear the piece of furniture is to you and of course the price you paid (no one wants to throw out expensive furniture items) we can offer you treatment options that will save your beloved (expensive) item!

With termites & borers, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

No one wants to introduce termites into their house!!