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Termite Inspections - Visual or Sniffer Dog & Thermal Imaging



Sydney has a lot more termites compared to the rest of Australia because termites love the moisture and heat. This is something that property owners in Sydney need to anticipate and make sure to have regular termite inspections done every 12 months as per the Australian Standard 3660. This will ultimately protect the value of your property.

How to find out if you have a termite infestation:

Because they very rarely leave the moist tunnels of their nests, termites are quite difficult to detect. Therefore, taking a casual look around your property will be of no benefit. You will only know that you have termites once the damage has been caused and by then it is too late.

This is why it is important to have regular termite inspections done by a professional. Sydney’s Best Pest Control offer either a visual, thermal imaging or sniffer dog termite inspections.

Visual Inspection

A visual timber pest inspection reports on Termite activity in your dwelling and up to 50 meters from the dwelling.Β This inspection is usually carried out where there is easy access to underneath the sub-floor and roof voids.

During each inspection we inspect the following areas:

  • Grounds, landscaping, fences, exterior, interior and roof void.
  • During that inspection we would carry out a visual check of all exposed timbers, including skirtings, architraves to doors and windows, ceiling timbers as well as to fences, gardens and landscaping.
  • There is a special focus on areas close the structure/s to matters such as weep holes; closeness of gardens, plants, shrubs and trees; areas of excessive moisture; poor building practices (from a termite management point of view); bathrooms, toilets and kitchen areas, and ceiling spaces.

Termite Dog Inspection

Detecting timber pests using traditional techniques such as a visual inspection can sometimes be problematic because timber may be infested but not show any visible signs such as emergence holes or frass. Prevailing weather conditions & or the quality and accuracy of information can hinder visual inspections. Hence Sydney’s Best Pest Control can offer you a solution, a termite inspection dog.

A detection dog is trained to use its sense of smell to detect a specific odour. It is then taught to indicate that it has detected the odour.

When to use a termite detection dog?

  • When a sub floor inspection is not possible due to a no access hole or there are clearance problems between ground and timbers
  • If termites have just entered the property and there is no visible evidence to internal timbers
  • Termite Detection Dogs are the only detection tool that can detect termites in floor boards if carpet is present.
  • A termite detection dog may work as high as 98% in detecting termites. On a concrete slab home a visual inspection may only be 30% accurate as they need to see the termites where a termite detection dog only needs to smell them.

Thermal Imaging:

A thermal imaging termite inspection is among the latest technologies pest control professionals can use to detect termites. However, thermal imaging technology is not a stand-alone tool; it also requires the experienced eye of a technician very familiar with both the habits of termites and thermal imaging techniques.

Thermal imaging termite detection uses infrared technology; the presence of termites can be detected by sensing unusual heat signatures. The thermal imaging inspection is performed using an infra-red camera. The various heat patterns can indicate to the inspector the possible presence of termites.

Thermal imaging does not actually β€œsee” the termites, but rather, the heat generated by a large number of the pests gathered together. Furthermore, thermal imaging to detect termites often works best in conjunction with a moisture meter. Damp areas are where the termites like to congregate.

Termites can cause many thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. If caught early enough they can be treated affordably before any serious structural damage is done. If you suspect that your home is infested with termites, do not hesitate to contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control for a professional visual, thermal imaging or sniffer dog termite inspection.

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