Do You Think You Have Termites?

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Do You Think You Have Termites?

Do You Think You Have Termites?

Are you worried about termites?

Do you think you have termites?

Have you seen active termites or their workings?

I think I have termites!

If for any reason you suspect termites have invaded your home there are some things you MUST do.

Firstly let me say this, NEVER disturb or touch any suspected termite infestations! Wait for the pest control professionals.

Some customers with active termites have found crawling insects in the wall cavities, they are no longer than 6mm are creamy white and some may have a see-through grey or brown heads. If you have seen any insects that fit into this description your house or business may be infested with termites

If termites have been present in your home or business for a few years their colony have become established enough to release alates ( I will post more on this soon). Another name alates are commonly known by are swarmers. The alates/swarmers have two pairs of wings which are longer than the body, and the body will be a dark grey to black colour.

Termites are not look like ants, even though they are known as white ants.

What Not To Do.

Do not Panic.

Your house is not going to fall down over your head overnight. A few days is not going to dramatically increase the damage that is done to your home or business.

Do not disturb the termites.

Disrupting the termites could cause them to go into hiding. This does not mean they are going to leave but it makes the job of a pest control technician harder to get the infestation under control. If you disturb the termites it may be more expensive to treat as the treatment options become limited. If you happen to break part of a mud tunnel cover it as soon as possible with tape

Do not listen to the advice of builders or neighbours!

They are not experienced pest control technicians, just because someone works with timber or may have had a termite infestation in the past does not make them experts. You would not seek advice about your drains from a mechanic!

Don’t attempt DIY

Termite infestations are not something that can be a weekend DIY job. Do not go online searching for cheap DIY options. Termites are a serious pest to have in your home or business, go with a trusted company, read through customer reviews & if you’re unsure call someone and ask for a second opinion!


  • Disturb any termite workings, leads, galleries before the commencement of the treatment program.
  • Spray termite infested area with insecticides.
  • Have trees, plants, mulch, gardens or bark type materials too close to the property.
  • Cover weep holes in brickwork
  • Build soil up over slab edges
  • Place any plastic or newspaper on gardens any closer than 300mm to a building.
  • Allow moisture or dampness to build up in the subfloor.
  • Let poor sub-floor Drainage attract termites
  • Disturb any Chemical Barrier

What You Should Do

Call In An Expert

The sooner you get onto a trusted pest control company, check out their customer reviews. No one knows better than someone who has already been in your situation.

Get Quotes

Sydney’s Best pest Control offer free onsite termite quoting. Our technicians will explain the different treatment options with you. You will be emailed a quote after the technician has been out to your property and you will be given time to think things over. If at any time you have questions feel free to give us a call at anytime. Ensure treatments are to the Australian Standards AS3660.

Be Patient

Termite treatments take time; there is no overnight or miracle cure for termite infestations.


Things you can monitor on your own

  • Check timber frames inside the home
  • Look for blistered paint
  • Check for rippled or bulging wall linings
  • Check for mud packing emerging from timber joints or gyprock walls.
  • Check for termite mud galleries against foundation walls, piers and edges of concrete slabs.
  • Check formwork timbers left beneath suspended concrete patios
    Check stored timber or cardboard in contact with the ground in subfloor
  • Ensure any timber stored alongside the house is kept as far away from the house as possible

If you notice the slightest termite activity, do not hesitate to get a professional termite inspection carried out who will supply you with a written report and provide recommendations to reduce or remove high risk areas.