The Heat Is On & So Are Termites

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Do Termites Increase In Summer?

Do Termites Increase In Summer?

As we say goodbye to the winter months and a say a big HELLO the warmer months of spring and summer we should remember that the warmer months are peak season for termites. Termites are the number one pest that impact on your greatest investment, your home.

Warmer weather and an increase in moisture are known to increase termite activity. Unlike other pests termites do not harm a person’s health like rodents, ticks or mosquitoes but they sure harm probably the most expensive item you own, your home and not forgetting they will harm your pocket as well!

Spring and summer are the ideal seasons to conduct your annual termite inspection.

With every pest prevention is always better than a cure and there are small steps each homeowner can undertake that will minimise the risk of inviting termites into your home.

  • Keep the foundation of your home free of moisture
  • Divert water away from your home, garage and yard through correctly installed and function gutters and downspouts.
  • Ensure the area under your house is well ventilated
  • Trim back shrubs, vines, trees and plants
  • Remove all debris that may have been left behind after construction
  • Elevate all wood off the ground
  • Do not leave wood leaning up against the house.
  • Inspect the external areas of your home for any signs of termite activity

Homeowners should avoid any DIY termite treatments, by touching termite tracks, nests and damaged areas you may in fact make it harder to treat. You would not prescribe medications for your children, and the same principle can be applied to termites.

Termite treatments should only ever be carried out by a professional termite expert.

If you suspect termites in your home contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control for a free live termite onsite quote, free advice and information to eradicate these unwanted pests and to prevent future infestations.