Have You Had Your Termite Inspection Done?

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Have You Had Your Termite Inspection Done?

When should I have a termite inspection done?

How often should termite inspections be done?

Have you had your annual termite inspection done?

Australian standards recommend that termite inspections be carried out annually. While inspections alone is not going to prevent your home from ever getting termites, annual inspections reduce the risk of major termite damage being done to your home.

Like most things when found early the treatment is less expensive and easier to control than a developed invasion that has been allowed to chew through the wood in your home for years unnoticed.

Common misconceptions about termites

Myth: Termite damage is obvious

Fact: Termites eat wood from the inside out. When a termite infestation is starting no vision signs will be seen. By the time you notice damage on the outside of the wood, extensive damage could have already occurred.

Myth: Termites are more active in the spring and summer

Fact: Termites are active all year round. The reason for this misconception is because the larvae hatch and termite flights occur in summer.

Myth:  Termite prevention is difficult

Fact: Termite prevention is a matter of common sense and regular home maintenance such as

      • Keep the gutters clean.
      • Remove dead trees
      • Remove fallen branches
      • Keep timber and firewood off the ground and away from your home.
      • Fixing leaks in and around your home
      • Have your home inspected annually by a residential pest control expert.

Immediate Action is Vital

Termite treatments are expensive, Sydney’s Best Pest Control recommend to all home owners to conduct annual termite inspections. If you suspect there could be termites in your home do not hesitate to contact us.

We will provide you with honest and in-depth information about termites.