One of the main causes of bedbug infestations in homes is the introduction of already infested second hand furniture. Once introduced to a home, bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate and often require more than one treatment, racking up quite a hefty bill and extensive pest control regime.

So, how do you identify a bedbug infestation? Adult bedbugs are brown or reddish brown, oval shaped and flat and about 4 – 5mm long with a beak-like mouth-part for piercing skin. The body can become swollen and dark red after a meal. Newly hatched bed bugs will have the same appearance as adults, the only difference being that they are colourless, taking on a brownish colour as they mature.

Before purchasing any second hand furniture, inspect all items thoroughly and check for blood stains, eggshells, shedded skin, rust like stains, a musty odour or brown/black droppings. If you spot any of these signs, do not buy. These are strong indications that the item has been or is infested with bedbugs.


Here are some easy to implement tips for preventing bedbug infestations in your home. First things first, never take furniture that has been left on the curb, particularly plush cushion furniture like mattresses and sofas. If you travel regularly or often have people coming in and out of your home, check your bed sheets on a regular basis for blood spots. When you travel, keep your suitcase off the floor and covered with plastic, you can also keep a small flashlight with you to check hotel beds and chairs for signs of bedbugs. If you want to be extra cautious – when you return home from travelling, wash all of your clothes and any other fabrics in hot water to kill any bedbugs that may have survived the trip back to your home.

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