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Garden Hazards – Garden Pests

Garden Hazards – Garden Pests

I remember a few years ago it was the start of spring and the place I had been renting the gardens were very over grown. Being a gardener at heart, I thought it’s spring, let’s clean out the gardens.

Back then was way before I worked for a pest control company and never once did it come to mind that there will be anything in the garden that could harm me. Sure, I knew about red-back spiders and other spiders that could be lurking, but hey I figured that because I didn’t see any webs, never seen a spider in or around my house so I presumed that I had nothing to worry about.

I went out to venture into my garden, to clean it out and make an area that we could enjoy.

I am one who cannot wear gloves when I am cleaning or gardening, I just feel you don’t get the same result when you wear gloves, so here I am, my hands dirty from all the weeds I had been pulling out, it took me all day but I was ever so pleased with the results.

That is until the sun went down and night fell upon us.

I stood by the kitchen sink washing up dishes from the nights meal and look up and to my surprise I seen a spider on the fly screen, I spray the spider from the inside and think nothing more of it boy was I wrong.

Within an hour or so of the sun setting, spiders kept appearing, not just outside but these nasty buggers had found their way inside.

In one night I believe I must have killed 20-30 spiders.

Now remember I went from not seeing any spiders in or around my house, not even a spider web, to 20-30 spiders in one night.

Whilst weeding the garden I had disturbed their hiding places, disturbed their hidden webs and invited them to show themselves.

From this and working at a pest control company where I am dealing with customers who are experiencing spiders in their home, I have come to learn the what not to dos when venturing out doors in the garden!

What are these tips?

  • Always wear gloves when in the garden
  • Always check your shoes before putting them on (a spider could be hiding in there)
  • Always keep the gardens nice and neat, and not overgrown
  • Always keep in mind that spiders could be lurking anywhere, just because you can’t see any physical signs they are there, does not mean they are not there!
  • If you keep garden gloves in the garage check them before putting them on

If you find you have an influx of spiders; do not delay; call Sydney’s Best Pest Control today and protect your home, your family & your pets from spiders!