X- Rated Traumatic Insemination

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X- Rated Traumatic Insemination

X- Rated Traumatic Insemination

Bed bugs are becoming a significant problem in Australia and around the world. Bed bugs are easily spread and difficult to treat, which is resulting in a rapid growth in the number of bed bug outbreaks.

But did you also know that the bedbug is listed in the top 10 animals for the weirdest & most violent mating habits?

The male bedbug in fact stabs the female in the abdominal region with his sharp genitalia and inseminates her directly in her body cavity.

However as the male bedbug is not the most intelligent creature, he will attempt to mate with another male!

Unfortunate though for the innocent male bedbug this mistaken identity & having his abdomen speared by a males needle like member will cause its death.

Only the female bedbug has evolved to grow defence cells against the bedbug insemination process.


I have even included a video of this process.