A question frequently asked when requiring pest control services is; “Do we clean first or have a pest control service done first?”

The simple answer is “Clean first and get the pest control done after.”  By doing this your home will be clean and sanitized ensuring that your pest control service is effective.

If you clean after the pest control service you are likely to wash the chemicals away from the most important nooks and corners in the areas treated and will defeat the purpose of the treatment.

The extent of your deep clean depends on the type of treatment you are having and where the pests have spread to.

Here are a few of Sydney’s Best Pest Control’s treatments and the cleaning preparation required for them:



  • Clean up internally and remove clutter:
    • Bathrooms are breeding grounds for many pest such as cockroaches, spiders and flies. By cleaning your bathroom and bathroom drains you are clearing them of all the nests which will ensure that the insects have no place to hide and are easier to target.
    • When you have clutter in your house they gather dirt and dust which becomes a breeding ground for insects and termites. Removing the clutter and cleaning the areas affected will assist in the effectiveness of the pest control treatment by removing the breeding grounds of the insects.
  • Move furniture away from the walls:
    • Many pests can be found behind couches, under your refrigerator, under and behind the microwave etc. They live in places that are not accessible and are not often moved and cleaned. By moving your furniture around their nests will be disturbed and they will venture out making the treatment more effective.
    • Clean the kitchen wiping all surfaces, under the microwave and all moved appliances and mop behind the fridge.
    • By moving furniture and appliances away from the corners your pest control service will have better access to the nooks and crannies that the pests love to hide in.
  • Clean up externally:
    • Mow your lawn and dispose of the cuttings from your premises.
    • Remove your garbage both inside and outside.
  • Leave any spider webs, do not remove them.
    • Leaving the spider webs undisturbed allows the pest control services to see what areas the spiders are hiding and living. By spraying the web if the spider is in hiding once it returns to the web it will die.




  • Vacuum carpets and furnishings:
    • Vacuum carpets and furnishings where pets sleep to remove fleas and eggs.
    • Use the strongest suction that will not damage the fabric.
    • Empty the vacuum cleaner bag directly into a sealable plastic bag and immediately discard it outside your home.
  • Wash all pet bedding:
    • Wash pet bedding regularly in hot water to kill flea eggs, larvae, and adults within cocoons.
  • Cross infection:
    • Take care when transferring all bedding, rugs etc to avoid spreading eggs.
    • Wash all bedding, throw rugs and clothing that may be infected.
  • Pet treatment:
    • Have your pets treated for fleas on the same day as your property is sprayed.



  • Do not disturb:
    • When cleaning it is important not to disturb the ant trails or the ants themselves before treatment.
  • Clean up internally:
    • Wipe all countertops down.
    • Wipe under all appliances ensuring that food scraps are removed.
    • Wipe down any open jars of honey, jam or sugar.
    • Clean the interior of your home without disturbing the ant trails or the ants themselves.
  • Clean up externally:
    • Mow your lawn, clean up all leaves and dispose of the cuttings from your premises.
    • Remove your garbage both inside and outside.



  • Washing & preparation before treatment:
    • Wash all of your clothes, shoes, bags etc, that are in your wardrobes and cupboards. Wash bedding, rugs and curtains.
    • These must be washed in hot water and eucalyptus oil.
    • Once all is washed place in a hot dryer or freeze.
    • Place in plastic bags and wear your clothes in and out of the bags for the next 6 weeks after treatment.



  • Clean up internally:
    • Clean the interior of your home but do not remove droppings or disturb the droppings.
    • It is dangerous to clean up the droppings due to air borne diseases. Proper precautions need to be taken before doing so. Leave this to your pest control professionals.
  • Clean up externally:
    • Trim vegetation away from your home and dispose of the cuttings from your premises.
    • Limit your garbage both inside and outside. Ensure all lids are kept closed.


After treatment Sydney’s Best Pest Control’s will not leave a mess behind so it is best not to clean the treated areas straight away.  If you do so you could decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.  Our technicians will let you know when it is safte to clean your home and which areas should be avoided.