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What Do I Do About Slugs In My House?

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Snails and slugs have some purpose in our natural environment but when they start destroying crops, ornamentals and coming inside leaving their trails, some may start asking what good do these insects serve.

When customers call asking us “What can we do about the snails and slugs that are coming inside” there really is not much that can be done simply because snails and slugs are pest that thrive on moisture and are attracted to areas that are dark and damp.

We do suggest the laying of snail and slug pellets in the sub floor area but for some customers who have children or pets this is not always an option.

There are a few methods that some customers have had success with.


If the snails or slugs are only affecting a small area, surround the area with a circle of powdered chalk. It is believed that snails and slugs do not cross the chalk.

Fizzy Drink

Fizzy drink gets poured into jar lids and placed around the garden will, attract snails and slugs because of its sugary content. It seems the acids in the soft drink will destroy them when they slither onto the lids.

My grandfather used to use jars with Vaseline around the top to prevent the snails and slugs crawling back out of the jar.


Same method as the fizzy drink, but using beer into a large saucer and leave in a shallow hole in the garden, allowing a lip around 6mm to project above soil level.

It seems the alcohol intoxicates the snails and slugs and then begins to break down their bodies.


For a so called instant destruction sprinkle cooking salt on snails and slugs, apparently only a small amount is needed.


These may just be old wives tales, but for customers who fear using poisons due to the risk it poses to their children or pets, some of these methods just may be worth a try.

If you do try any of these, let us know so we can see what method you had the most success with.