8 Pest Control Mistakes You Make

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8 Pest Control Mistakes You Make

8 Pest Control Mistakes

Rodents Ants , spiders , Cockroaches and all the creepies we try to avoid always find a way into our home ! Why is that?

We sometimes think we know what we are doing to prevent these guys from coming in – but sometimes we invite them in without knowing it!..

Let’s see some expert and entomologist advice on the 8 pest control mistakes we might be making :

1. When we think Pest control – we tend to be Proactive instead of RE-active.

  • When we notice any pests in or around our homes – We acknowledge it but don’t really do something about it until its reached an infestation – but the fact is that prevention is cheaper than removal!
  • Before having a pesticide sprayed that temporarily sorts the issue – Try and see where the source is coming from to prevent infestation and eliminate the attraction.

2. We need to constantly check/Inspect our openings such as windows , doors or areas into the house.

  • Even with the doors shut and windows closed- insects make their way in due to their exoskeletons enabling them to fit through small openings – the smallest openings underneath our doors or cracks and crevices allow pests to enter through!
  • Sealing these small crevices and sweeping our front door areas is always a good preventative measure to use.

3. Leaving our Gardens , bushes and Grass unattended

  • Our Gardens is a sanctuary for many pests!
  • Overgrown grass and bushes that are close to the house is a good hiding spot for many insects.
  • Firewood not stored away properly is also a much-loved housing for small critters
  • Ensure a well-maintained landscaping and it will eliminate hiding places and prevent insects from easily accessing your home from the outside.

4. Open Trash/Garbage units

  • If you leave the lid off your trash can or let the dog abandon a treat on your patio, you are in for a lot of insect activity!
  • Insects scour for opportunities to feed and when they find it , they will surely multiply in numbers.
  • By correctly disposing of trash and storing food away properly you will prevent the temptation for critters to knock on your door!

5. Wet areas around your property

  • Just like humans need to stay hydrated and dependant on water – so are insects!
  • They are constantly looking for water sources to drink from and would swarm wet/damp areas.
  • Use water wisely and try not to spill or leave wet areas unattended – clear it up if possible and make sure your drainage system is in a working order after a rainy day.

6. Incorrect pesticides for incorrect insects

  • Using incorrect pesticides might even worsen your infestation and may cause the colony to spread throughout the house.

7. Not timing your efforts with the season.

  • Just like we love Spring and Summer …So do Critters!! They thrive in warmth and will be seen more in those seasons.
  • Then as temperatures start to drop, some pest slowly begins to die off. – Unfortunately, that is when they will surely try and enter your house for warmth.
  • During colder months ensure you keep windows and doors closed to prevent pests from trying to enter your house ALTERNATIVELY you can give us a call at Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1300 760Β 045 to ensure a pest free environment

8. Not knowing which pests are attracted to which areas.

  • Almost anywhere you live you will have pests like mosquitoes , flies , cockroaches, and spiders to name a few.
  • However, some in the South will have more dealings with Redback Spiders than other regions or Stinkbugs would be more of a nuisance in the Northeast than the rats and Termites of the West Coast
  • Some insects even move around looking for warmer temperatures when it starts to go into colder seasons.
  • To make sure you are prepared to deal with your local variety of critters, do your research or give us a call at Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189 so we can advise you on the general pest in your area.