Don’t be Scammed by Pest Control Companies

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Don't be scammed by pest control companies

Don’t be Scammed by Pest Control Companies

In the world we live in today, anyone at anytime can come across someone who is trying to make a quick buck. We have heard on the news numerous times of people being left out of pocket for services that never came through. Every business and ever individual is at risk, whether it be over the internet, on the phone or even door to door.

Pest Control companies are not exempt from scammers and below I will go through some steps on how to protect yourself, your money and your home!

General Pest Control

It has come to our attention that there is a group of scammers who are cold calling & door knocking on residential and commercial properties.


Customer: Hello

Scammer: We are just calling to let you know that your pest control is due

Customer: Oh is this (insert company name) company

Scammer: yes it is! 

(Here you are convinced that the company you are dealing with is the company you have previously used!)

Customer: Sure book us in.

The scammed customer call the original company who they thought came out and when they cannot find a record of the job, the customer is left out of pocket, no warranty and a house full of pests!

Door to Door

This usually goes down by a person saying we are in the area treating other houses for (scary) pest infestation. (A popular one is termites). The scammer will most likely say that the infestations are severe and that you should have your home treated NOW to prevent your house falling down over your head.

Usually a no obligation free inspection is offered, they may say it is from their kind nature and good will as they don’t want you to be affected and a lot of the times after they have done the inspection they will show you a false report.

If you are not initially convinced they will offer you a discount, which is only available for that day.

Unfortunately many people agree, and once the job has been done they are never to be seen or heard of again and you are left out of pocket for a treatment that was

(a) Not necessary

(b) Not effective

(c) Needing to get out a real pest control company

How to spot a Scam

1. Door to door sales

2. Cold calling

3. If a company is asking for immediate action, be wary, legit companies will give you time to think

4. If the deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

5. Real service operators will be happy to show you documents & customer feedback

Termite Scammers – How to pick them!

Nothing in this world is free

A company that is offering a free termite inspection with a general pest control service is either (a) over charging you for the general pest control or (b) going to go out of business!

Beware of any company offering free termite inspections because they can miss active termites in an inspection that is not correctly done or they can falsely say you have termites and charge you for treatments that are not necessary.

Want proof?

In the world we live in today, this is a scary thought because inspectors in the past have been known to bring their own evidence, such as a few termite wings, a piece of termite infested wood and claim it came from your house. Ask yourself would you really know the difference?

Old Vs New

Is the company trying to pass off old termite activity as new activity? Only use a company that has experience in termite treatments and inspections.

Treatment Options

Be wary of companies that are trying to sell you one off treatments. If they claim it will kill on contact be careful and get a second opinion because treatments like this will only kill the termites that come directly in contact with the chemical.

Be Assured With Sydneys Best Pest control

Sydneys Best Pest Control will only contact you in 2 occasions.

When your pest control is due

1. You will receive a text message & Email with our company name displayed, stating that your pest control is due. You will then receive a follow up phone call from one of our consultants.

2. When we are offering a special. We want to look after our customers, because we would be nothing without you!

Termite Inspections

Our termite inspections are only carried out by qualified staff. If there is a property in which we deem a visual inspection is not thorough enough we will recommend that the inspection should be done with a specially trained termite dog. This will be fully discussed with you.

Once an inspection has been carried out, we will email you with a honest detailed report. If active termites were found, treatment options will be discussed with you, and then a quote will be sent to you.

We are happy for you to take your time to make such a big decision and are willing to answer any questions you may have in regards to the quote and treatment options.

We understand that it is your home, your castle therefore you will never be pushed into a treatment. We will provide you with as much information as possible.

Be aware, Be safe & if your unsure call to ask!