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Spider & web Control

The general rule with spiders is, that you have to spray a spider directly in order to reduce their population and eradicate spiders.

It is important to remember that we live in Australia 100% spider eradication is not always possible and this can come down to some of these reasons below:

  • you live near bushland,
  • you have many trees in the backyard,
  • your garden is Overgrown.
  • or you live in a house with many glass windows.



The reasons being:

  • We cannot spray all trees.
  • we live in their environment.
  • You have conducive conditions that attract spiders.

The pest control chemical technology today, works on the principal of the insect coming in contact with the insecticide.

We have found that clients, who have regular pest services, tend to have less reoccurrence of spider issues.

Your technician may recommend a treatment schedule for you to aid in reducing the spider population.


As previously mentioned spiders need to come in direct contact with the spray in order for them to be affected.

This may not always be possible as the spider may be away from the web or not visible during the treatment.

It is for this reason we ask that spider webs are left in place.

When the treatment is in progress we will be spraying the webs.

Spiders will continue to feed over these webs and the spray will work quicker.

Insects will also be caught within the webs that have will be affected by the spray. The spider then eats the insect and also becomes affected by the spray

Did you know that spiders can build a web on your home without ever touching the home?

Spiders will often travel from trees and bushes by casting out a line of silk much like a fishing pole, a skill called β€œballooning” where they glide through the air, almost like flying.

A spider can rebuild a full web within an hour or two, so simply knocking down the webs will not control them.

How to make your property less appealing to spiders

The best way to control spiders is by reducing their food sources around the house.

Spiders eat other insects, soΒ reducing the other insects around your home will reduce their food sources, and spiders will be less interested in hanging around.

Most spiders prefer to hang out near light sources, which helps them capture flying insects that are attracted to light.

By simply changing the external white light bulbs to yellow light bulbs should aid in reducing the flying insects that are potential spider food!

If you have an issue with spiders or would like any further information on controlling spiders in and around your home call Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189

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