The Wolf Spider

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The Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider

Ever seen a gazillion little spiders scurrying around after you tried to swat that big hairy spider? Creepy?!

We know! It was probably a wolf spider carrying her babies on her back!


Is this a Wolf Spider I am seeing? Let us make sure…

Wolf spiders are one of those that seem to come straight from those eye clenching horror films!

Does it have

  • 8 legs?
  • Is it up to 35 millimetres?
  • Is the spider Brown, black, orange, and grey colours?
  • Can it Easily camouflaged itself outside.
  • Does it have 8 Eyes 2 of them very large and huge fangs?!?

Drumroll….You have probably found yourself a Wolf Spider!!

Where do they live?

Well – mostly all around the world! Perhaps some living near your home..

They are ground dwelling spiders which means they live in burrows , piles of leaves , in firewood heaps , stones and other debris. If you find them inside your house they probably just want shelter or perhaps hunting for some insects. You might find them in your garage , close to your doors and windows or in the basement.

What are their hunting habits?

Remember that horror film I spoke about? – Well that would be because of their looks and especially their hunting techniques!

These hairy spiders do not build webs – they hunt their prey by stalking it in the dark- they have superb night vision. They are also extremely fast which makes it easy for them to catch their meals. They trap their prey in their legs and inject them with venom. BONAPPETIT

Normally they would eat insects and even other spiders , but the females ae large and can consume amphibians and even reptiles!.

Am I in Danger ?

Do not try to touch or handle them as they will feel threatened , however they will probably flee – They are much more scared of you than you think- Phew!

Should you be unlucky and get a bite from a wolf spider don’t be too alarmed as their venom is not lethal – to humans. The bite can become red and a bit inflamed .

Watch out for the mother if she is in search of her babies when they are not on her back – she can be very maternal and become quite aggressive!

Can I get rid of these hairy eight leggers?

You have a few options :

  • Rid your yard of clutter and debris
  • Remove vegetation around your home
  • DIY sealing crevices and cracks
  • Install insect screens

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