PEST WARNING SUMMER 2023 – Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

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PEST ALERT – Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Residents of Sydney should be on alert for Funnel Web Spiders

In the coming weeks, conditions are set to be “perfect” for funnel web spiders to leave their burrows in Sydney.

In response to recent weather changes deadly funnel web spiders will emerge from their refuges in search of mates.

Humidity is likely to send them scurrying for sheltered areas, such as houses and gardens as the warm weather changes to heavy rain.

What spiders are in Sydney



Sydney Funnel Web Spiders The Sydney funnel web spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. Native to Australia, this species of spider is known for its aggressive behavior and powerful venom.

Spiders in Sydney and how to treat them

While most bites from a Sydney funnel web spider will not be fatal, they can still cause serious health problems. Symptoms of a funnel web spider bite include severe pain, swelling, and paralysis. In some cases, victims may even go into cardiac arrest.

If you live in an area where Sydney funnel web spiders are found, be sure to keep your yard clean and free of debris. You should also wear long pants and gloves when working outside.

Spider control and their webs

If you are bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider, seek medical attention immediately. Apply ice to the affected area and try to keep the limb immobilized. Do not attempt to suck out the venom or make any cuts on the skin.


Sydney Funnel Web Spider


• The cephalothorax is hairless, smooth and gloss black.

• Black, brown, or purple abdomen.

• Body and legs are covered in fine hairs.

• Males have a spur on the 3rd part of the 2nd leg.

• The male has slender legs.

• The male is 20mm in length.

• The female is 30mm in length.

• Large fangs

• The Spinnerets are longer than other spiders.

Facts not fear – Managing Spiders in and around your home

If you have an issue with funnel web spiders

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