Is Your Home A Mosquito Sanctuary?

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Is Your Home A Mosquito Sanctuary?

How can you prevent mosquitoes?

Are there items lurking around your home that is creating a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes?

We all know this is not something that we would do intentionally but there are ways to limit their breeding grounds and the best time to do it is now, before spring & summer hit.

First thing first, if there is any still water on your property, know this is the ideal breeding area for mosquitoes.

By letting mosquitoes breed on your property is a bad idea not only because mosquitoes basically make any outdoor activities on our warm summer nights a nightmare but they are also known to spread diseases and not forgetting their annoying itchy bites!

How can YOU help limit mosquito breeding areas around your home?

  • Empty any containers such as garbage cans, gutters, buckets, toys, flower pots where rain water has been collected.
  • Remove any container that has the ability to collect water, such as old tyres, bottles, cans, pots, pans, broken appliances or drums.
  • Use covered water bowls for your pet’s water. If this is not an option ensure you change the water daily and don’t allow it to sit for long periods of time
  • Change the water in your bird bath weekly
  • Ensure cars and boats are covered with tarpaulins to ensure they do not collect water
  • Ensure your swimming pool is kept clean and has the correct levels of chlorine. For children’s wading pools empty the water when not in use.

These simple yet effective tools can minimise breeding grounds around your home. We understand that it will not stop all mosquito activity as they are a part of living in Australia however the more people utilise these tools the chances of increased mosquito activity reduces.

While outside use an insect repellent spray or cream such as Rid, Aeroguard or Off.

If you have a major issue with mosquitoes always feel free to give us a call on 1800 819 189 for free genuine advice!