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Biting Insects

Biting Insects

What bugs are Biting me?

There are a wide variety of different biting Insects we encounter . Most of these insects feed on humans/animals by biting them to get to blood as a source of food . Some feed quickly and leave without being noticed while others stay until they are swollen with blood , here are some common biting pests :

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas are a common problem for humans especially if you have pets however even without pets you can have fleas in your home. Fleas and ticks depend on blood from a host in order to survive. Their bites are not painful but can result in itching or rash caused by their saliva


Mosquitoes can be very annoying and we find them almost anywhere in the world. Their bites leave an itch after their bites looking for a blood source . Although they are considered just a nuisance they are also the cause of malaria which can be fatal


High risk areas for bedbugs is mostly in public places where people lounge or sleep such as hotels , airplanes or cinemas but are also found in homes. The most common identification is the blood spatter on your sheets. They are easily spread and difficult to get rid of and would sometimes require multiple treatments. They drink the blood of hosts in order to sustain themselves and also leave a nasty itch


Lice are common found parasites that live on warm blooded hosts. Most common found lice are head lice and bird lice . Bird lice cannot survive on the blood of humans thus they will die quickly however if the nest of the bird is not removed the problem will persist. Although not a danger they can be a nuisance and are almost invisible to the eye . They are mostly known to look like tiny specs of dust moving around

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