Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

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Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

With summer on our doorstep, outdoor activities are high on the to do list, however what if you are one of those people who as soon as you walk outside are bitten by mosquitoes?

It can be frustrating, annoying and at times painful and often people wonder why the mosquitoes are more attracted to them and not others.

The problem with mosquitoes is that are known to carry life threatening diseases, and many years ago I became ill with Ross River Virus which is contracted by mosquitoes, and believe me when I say this, it was not a pleasant experience and has impacted certain areas of my health.

There is an importance in understanding what attracts mosquitoes to some and not to other people.

Below is a summary of practices you can do not only to repel mosquitoes but to improve your quality of life.


Believe it or not mosquitoes are actually attracted to cholesterol, so not only lowering your cholesterol for health reasons, it can reduce also reduce the attraction of mosquitoes!


For you young men that want to beef up, stay away from steroids because while it might help in building muscle it also attracts those mosquitoes. However there are some people who need to take medically prescribed steroids for their health, one other down side the side effects that can come from this type of medication is an attraction to mosquitoes.

Co2 – Carbon Dioxide

Did you know mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from a whopping 50 meters away! As adults exhale more carbon monoxide than a child, adults are usually more of a target for mosquitoes. Pregnant women are also at a higher risk of being bitten by mosquitoes as their co2 levels also increase due to the pregnancy

Your Blood Group

Your blood grouping is something none of us can control; we are born with it and need to accept the fact that a particular blood group can attract mosquito bites. The blood group in reference to here is blood group 0.  The key is to take increased precautions when heading to the outdoors.


So it appears mosquitoes have fitted in well to the Aussie culture of having a beer! It has been scientifically proven that where beer is present mosquito activity increases by 15%, science has not yet learnt why it is that mosquitoes are attracted to beer, however it is presumed that the drinking of a  beer changes the smell of a persons skin which mosquitoes are able to detect.