German Cockroach Burst In Sydney

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German Cockroach Burst In Sydney

German Cockroach Burst In Sydney

In the past few days we have received numerous calls about German cockroach infestation. Many of the callers say “we have baby cockroaches” what is important to know is that these are NOT baby cockroaches but a completely different species.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control are recommending if you have an issue with small cockroaches DO NOT wait until the summer months to get it treated, do so now!

If you wait, you risk the colony size increasing and spreading throughout your house.

German cockroaches can become a homeowners nightmare and also affect numerous commercial properties. If left too long, these cockroaches will become a permanent fixture in your family home or business.

Do NOT use cockroach bombs, they do not work, they can make the infestation worse by forcing the cockroaches to move into other rooms of your house.

We have previously written an article about the German cockroach outbreak in Sydney.

If you have noticed small cockroaches in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry (these 3 rooms are the most common areas sighted as cockroaches need water to survive) then do not delay, call Sydney’s Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189