I Have Bedbugs, Am I Going To Die?

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I Have Bedbugs, Am I Going To Die?

Are bedbugs lethal?

Can I get diseases from bedbugs?

Do bedbugs kill?

Yesterday afternoon I took a call from a very frantic customer telling me she had bedbugs and was very scared because bedbugs were so dangerous that she was scared she was going to die. She was worried not only for her own life, but that of her young baby.

Firstly let me say, you are not going to die if you have bedbugs. Whilst bedbugs can cause irritating bites and welts, they are not going to transmit any serious disease to you.

First detection of bedbugs is usually the bites. As bedbugs are nocturnal pests, which mean they come out to feed at night, they can be very difficult to see during the day as they are in hiding.

If you find you are being bitten the first place you should start your search and where bedbugs can be hiding is:

  • In cracks and cervices
  • In furniture
  • Behind skirting boards
  • Among books
  • Behind wallpaper
  • Inside bedding
  • Under the mattress
  • Under the mattress buttons
  • Under the mattress seams
  • In and around bed joints
  • Sheets
  • Walls



Another question that is commonly asked, how did I get bedbugs?

Bedbugs are dispersed largely by being carried around by humans

  • In Luggage
  • In clothes
  • In laptops
  • In handbags

In situations where there is a heavy infestation it is usually associated with poor housekeeping and low hygiene standards.

In saying this, even if bedbugs are brought into the most sterile and clean premises they are able to quickly find suitable hiding places and hosts, which becomes the beginning of an infestation.

It is not uncommon for bedbugs to infest adjacent or neighbouring properties as they can crawl through the wall space and begin breeding.

When bedbugs bite they inject a saliva with an anticoagulant property. This numbs the area so the host is not aware that they are being feed on until after they wake up and find the bite marks.

Many people do not have a reaction to bedbug bites, however other people do, and prolonged scratching can cause infection.  Did you know that in India bedbug feedings over a long period of time have cause anaemia?

Bedbugs are the vampires of the insect world, while you are not going to turn into a bedbug if you are bitten, their bites can cause a person a lack of sleep, anxiety and itchiness! If you are being bitten call the experts and get your home treated as soon as possible, because the longer you leave an infestation untreated the harder and more expensive it will be to treat.