Am I Being Bitten By Bedbugs

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Am I Being Bitten By Bedbugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

Is a phrase I grew up with and when I was a child, I always believed that it was just an expression to scare me.  However it was not until I started working for pest control did this term bed bugs actually mean something, and more than that, I found out they were real!

People often believe that bedbugs can only be found in beds, and while the majority of the times this is true over recent times I have learned that bedbugs can be picked up just about anywhere and brought back into your home.

A few months ago I took a call from an elderly woman who had in fact picked them up from a cinema!

What happens with bedbugs is that if a person has them in their home they can actually carry them on their bodies, in their clothes or on their shoes. A person who has a current infestation with bedbugs in their home comes over for a visit, sits for a few hours in a cinema, on a bus, in a store, trying on clothes there is a chance that they can introduce it to your home, or they could latch onto you and travel home with you!

This is why it is highly important that ANYONE who has a bedbug infestation be responsible and get it treated ASAP. No one wants to have to face the thought of having bedbugs, I am sure the person with the infestation doesn’t like it, and so no one else will.

If you are being bitten, if you know or suspect you have an issue with bedbugs then do the right thing call a professional pest control service and have it treated.

If you know you have an infestation don’t let anyone sleep over your house and don’t sleep over anyone else’s house. Reduce your movements until your bed bug problem is under the control!

Know Your Enemy!

  • Most common places for bedbugs are where many people sleep, such as a hotel, college/uni dorm,
  • Bed bugs gather in places where people sleep such as the bed frame, mattress.
  • Bed bugs can hide out in cracks and crevices inside a room and furniture
  • Bed bugs can move from one apartment to another via cracks in the wall, piping and wiring
  • Bed bugs like to be warm and they have been known to enter computers, laptops & modems. Considering most of us carry these items around with us, there is a great potential to spread around your home, into your office and into other homes

Bedbugs like to hitch a ride on your clothes

If you have an infestation:

  • Separate your laundry into plastic bags.  Wash and dry your clothes on the highest heat setting.
  • Take off your clothes only on a hard floor instead of carpet. Vacuum and mop the floor to remove any bedbugs that may have fallen off the clothes.

Don’t Panic

There is no need to throw away your furniture. All furniture can be treated successfully. So many times I have had customers call me up saying; we have thrown away all our furniture! By throwing away bedbug infested furniture you are in fact creating a greater hazard for those around you.

Many people will throw away their bedbug infested mattresses and furniture into the street, people may pick it up and thus transfer it into their homes. If you have made your mind up and want to throw the furniture away, do the right thing and mark on it that it has bedbugs!

Don’t Waste Your Money

There are many products and gimmicks out there that claim to either prevent or eradicate bedbugs. While these products may help ease your mind, you will not be able to obtain a complete eradication.

I have customers who have spent thousands of dollars on Doctors, specialists, biopsies, gimmicks, cure all treatments have not been able to eradicate the issue.

Stop delaying the process, stop wasting your money on treatments that are not going to work and call a pest control specialist!