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Sex, Pest Control & The Male Brain

You are probably asking what the hell has sex got to do with pest control?

Ok, I will explain myself.

You are out at the customers property, you’ve had the introduction chat and after you have found out what there pest issues are, you go on to explain what you will be doing.

Going back to your pest control vehicle, you notice 2 cockroaches mating and a thought goes  through your head “ look at him enjoying himself, I won’t start till he’s finished, I know what he’s going through and the last thing he wants is somebody disturbing him”

So you stand by your vehicle, giving him some time to complete his business, after about 5-10 minutes, you go back to see if he’s finished and you see that his still there going for it,

Your comment to yourself might be f*** he lasts longer than me, or that’s it I have given him enough time and I need to start and make money. You self-talk again saying “I will just miss that area and won’t spray there, let him enjoy himself”.

So you have started pest control service, powdered the roof, powdered any cracks and crevices, etc. You begin with pulling your hose out, giving the premises a good spray to reduce the pest problems around the place, applying an odourless pest control  solution to the eaves, around the windows, around the doors, fence lines, garages, sheds pool areas.

Now you are really into it, you have got a great rhythm going, as your hose moves with you like butter on bread. You say to yourself “I should be done with this house in no time” and as you say that you spray the 2 copulating cockroaches as they were never there.

You now see what you’ve done and as a male with sexual desires, you say “Oh sh**, what have I done” and you feel yourself in the cockroaches position.

In a split second, a dampness feeling comes over you, that you just have stuffed up the cockroaches day. In another split second you say to yourself “What the heck, I’ve sprayed him now, I might as well kill him and you spray him another litre, venting your anger. Knowing that it only takes a little bit of the pesticide to kill him

This is maybe a psychology lesson on how we male pest controllers attempt to humanise the mating ritual of cockroaches, spiders, rats, mice and other pests and think maybe they enjoy it like we do.