Winter Pests

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Winter Pests

Winter Pests

When the weather cools and we head into the winter months, it becomes wet and miserable for us all even for pests!  Food sources for most pests reduce which means pests are forced to go in search of food, warmth and shelter which is usually your home.

During autumn and winter, rats & mice become the biggest problem invaders; not only because of their unsightly presence, the diseases they carry but also due to the damage they can cause to building structures & wiring.

As we pull out the blankets and turn on heaters we are in fact creating an ideal environment for pests to want to come into our homes and play house within our wall cavities, roof space, storage areas, garages, attics and basements.

Remember it is not only residential homes that can be invaded, businesses can as well!

Most people do not think about pest control during the winter until there is a clear sign of infestation, at which time becomes more difficult to treat. Once winter pests have set up home, it is no longer a matter of ridding your home of the pest but also repairing any damage that the pest has caused.

The best option for any homeowner is to take action BEFORE they enter your home, and before they cause damage which can inevitably cost your hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.



    • Mice, Rats and Rodents*
    • Bedbugs*
    • Spiders
    • Cockroaches – specifically German Cockroaches*


    • Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes where insects may enter
    • Block any openings around pipes that are large enough for a mouse to squeeze through.
    • Clean out gutters as rodents can use these areas to build nests.
    • Store waste products, such as leaves, branches, grass cuttings away from the home as these materials can be used for nesting materials.
    • Trim back branches, plants and bushes
    • Remove possible food sources such as food scraps, dirty dishes, food crumbs.
    • Empty garbage bins and vacuum frequently
    • Keep the house clean!