What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

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What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

Lockable rodent stations, also known as bait stations, are an effective tool for controlling rats and mice. Use these plastic boxes in areas accessible to pets or children. For external baiting in areas accessible to dogs, cats, wildlife, or children, it is recommended to use lockable boxes.

These boxes are specifically designed to prevent unauthorized access to baits, to prevent bait spilling out, ‘crumbs’ from being carried away, or baits from being pulled out by mice and rats.


  • Protect baits from dust & moisture
  • Provide a secure feeding place for rats and mice
  • Keep children, pets, and wildlife away from baits
  • Allow baiting in difficult areas (e.g., externally)
  • Prevent bait spillage
  • Facilitate easy monitoring as technicians can open boxes to check feeding amounts
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Enable safe baiting in public or food preparation areas
  • Safe for pets and humans

Do I Need them?

They are essential for rodent control if your subfloor or external areas are accessible to dogs, cats, wildlife, or children. Pest control companies aim to prevent incidents of loved family pets being poisoned by rodent baits.

Internal Use?

Yes, stations can also be used internally if a customer is concerned about their child accessing the baits. Sydney’s Best Pest Control technicians only place baits in safe, inaccessible areas for children or pets. However, stations may be suggested if, for example, there is an entry point in a cupboard, pantry, or exposed wall cavity.

Additional Costs?

Yes, there is an additional cost. This one-off payment covers the required number of stations, which will remain yours for life. For future pest control treatments, request that the stations be checked and refilled if necessary.

This will create a barrier if rodents ever revisit your property; after all, prevention is better than cure.


If you have pets, children, or wildlife known to visit your area, do not allow open baiting on your premises. While the price may be cheaper, do you really want to risk your family’s pet being poisoned?

If you are unsure about using lockable boxes, feel free to call us at 1800 819 189 or email us at info@pestcontrolsydney.com.au to discuss.

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