What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

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What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

What Is A Lockable Rodent Station?

Lockable rodent stations (also known as bait stations) are an effective tool for controlling rats and mice. They are plastic boxes (pictured below) which are used in areas that are accessible to pets or children. Lockable boxes will be suggested for any external baiting in which dogs, cats, wildlife or children can access the areas needed to be baited.

Lockable baits stations are specifically designed to prevent unauthorised access to baits, to stop the bait spilling out, ‘crumbs’ being carried away or baits being pulled out by mice and rats.


The Benefits Of A Rodent Station Are:

  • Baits are protected from dust & moisture
  • Provide a secure place for rats and mice to feed
  • Protect children, pets, and wildlife away from baits
  • Allow for baiting in areas that would have been difficult without boxes (such as externally)
  • Prevent baits being spilt
  • Easy monitoring as the technician can open boxes to examine the amount of feeding
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Allows safe baiting in public or food preparation areas
  • Safe for pets and humans

Do I Need Lockable Stations?

Lockable rodent stations are an important part of rodent control if your subfloor (under the house) or external areas are accessible to dogs, cats, wildlife or children. The last thing any pest control company wants to hear is that a loved family pet has been poisoned by rodent baits.

Lockable rodent stations can also be used internally if a customer is concerned about their child getting into the baits. Sydney’s best pest control technicians will only ever place baits in safe areas that are inaccessible to children or pets, however, in some circumstances, a lockable station may be suggested if for example there is an entry point in a cupboard, pantry or an exposed wall cavity.

Does It Cost Extra?

Yes, you will be charged an extra cost for the lockable stations. This is a one-off payment for the number of stations required, but they remain yours for life. In future pest control treatments ask for the rodent stations to be checked and refilled if needed.

This will provide a barrier if rodents were ever to revisit your property, as we say prevention is always better than a cure.


If you have pets, children or wildlife is known to visit you area, do not allow open baiting on your premises. The price by be cheaper but do you really want to take the risk of your families pet being poisoned?

If you are unsure if lockable boxes should be used, feel free to give us a call and discuss on 1800 819 189 or email us at info@pestcontrolsydney.com.au

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