Termite Baiting – Fixed Price At $2470 – Treat Now, Pay Later!

You are currently viewing Termite Baiting – Fixed Price At $2470 – Treat Now, Pay Later!
Termite Baiting - Fixed Price At $2470 - Treat Now, Pay Later!

Termite Baiting – NOTHING to pay until your termites are eradicated

DO NOT PAY until current termite infestation of termites are gone.


We are so confident we can eradicate the present threat of termites in your property, that we won’t ask for payment until the termites are eradicated.

Not happy, DON’T PAY

Termite Baiting Treatment

We understand some people don’t have the financial ability now to pay for a full termite treatment, when they find that their property is under termite attack and sometimes removing the immediate threat is all they want or can afford.

The Baiting System

The baiting system is only designed to eradicate the termite colony currently feeding within your property. Above ground stations containing termite bait are installed at the point of infestation. This may require the insertion of small screws into decorative surfaces such as door jams and walls and the creation of small access holes in structural surfaces to enable termites to enter the station.

Regular monitoring of these stations will be carried out at regular 2-6 weekly intervals for the agreed service period as outlined on page 1 of this proposal. These stations are removed once the colony has been eliminated.

This option only eliminates the current termite infestation with no ongoing monitoring to detect new termite colonies that may infest the property in the future.

Time For Colony Elimination: The colony is on average, eliminated within six to twelve weeks of commencement of termite feeding on termite bait however colony elimination may take longer. For this reason, there is no defined period within which it is guaranteed that the colony will be eliminated. Multiple termite colonies are sometimes present in the vicinity of a structure. In order to properly protect your property against termite attack, all the colonies nearby must be eliminated.

The Ongoing Termite Threat Requires A Permanent Solution: At the end or during of the initial agreement, you are strongly encouraged to think about an integrated full termite management system.

We will not push you or try and sell you this but we still must inform you and recommend it to you.

No matter how effective termite baiting may be, your property will always remain susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established colonies in your area.

You MUST NOT tamper or interfere with the EXTERRA system or its components. Tampering may render the system ineffective or significantly delay the time to termite interception or colony elimination.

If you know of the use of other termite control agents around your property you must advise us as this may seriously affect termite feeding patterns and the time to colony elimination.

Occurrence Of Termite Colony Elimination

Total subterranean termite colony elimination is assumed to have occurred at the property only when all the following criteria have been achieved.

  1. i) Feeding on termite bait enough to eliminate all termite colonies feeding in the stations has occurred.
  2. ii) Prior to the cessation of feeding, a visible change in the colour or behavioural patterns of the termites feeding on REQUIEM termite bait is observed, indicating the deleterious effects of REQUIEM termite bait on the colony(ies).
  • iii) Prior to the cessation of feeding, a change in the ratio of soldier caste termites to worker caste termites is observed (when compared to the normal ratios associated with a healthy termite colony). This also indicates the deleterious effect of REQUIEM termite bait on the colony(ies).
  1. iv) No live termites are present in any EXTERRA station at the property.
  2. v) No termite activity has been recorded within any EXTERRA station anywhere on or within your property for two consecutive monthly inspections.

The only upfront cost to you and that we will highly recommend, is a termite inspection. With the aid of a dog, if we believe it is essential.

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