Spring Is Just Around The Corner

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Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

We all know spring is the time for love and romance, not just for the human species but for all animal, floral and insect species.

While we can all feel spring in the air and can feel the urge to spring clean our homes, it is the perfect time to step it up and implement safeguards to stop pests entering your home this spring.

With just one more day until winter is over, it won’t be long before the weather starts to warm up. When the weather heats up the bugs come out so don’t let your home become the new residing place for bugs and insects


 Sydney’s Best Pest Control has a few tips to help keep pests away!

When the insects wake up from their dormant stage, they wake up hungry and will be on the search for tasty treats inside your home. Termites feed on wood while ants and other stinging insects prefer sweet food or savoury crumbs items.

Simple steps you can take:

  • Check & seal  any cracks, crevices or holes that critters and bugs could get through on the exterior of your home
  • Remove twigs, branches or other wood sources and cut back any shrubs that are close to your home.
  • Steer water away from your home
  • Clean and sanitise all food surfaces, remove food debris and spills immediately to prevent pests being attracted to that area.

While these steps may not completely stop pests coming into your home, they are steps will make it harder or less attractive for the pests to enter.

As we say, prevention is also better than a cure and when you work with us, your home, your family can rest easy knowing that all has been done by yourself and by our pest control company to keep your home pest free.

Start now and prevent the stress, anxiety, damage to home & food products this spring. If you live in Sydney and have noticed any signs of pest activity, let Sydney’s Best Pest Control find the source of the problem, eradicate & prevent pesky pests with our residential pest control services so you can continue to enjoy a pest free home!