Professional ant treatments are the way to go

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Professional ant treatments are the way to go

Ant Infestation? Go Pro for Effective Solutions!

More often than not ants will enter your home looking for food and water as well as protection from predators and the elements.


There are several different types of ants that can cause a variety of problems for you once they are in your home.


  • Most of the ants that are in your home are looking for food they can contaminate your food and can be very difficult to get rid of.
  • Some ants such as Carpenter Ants can damage your property by chewing tunnels and nests in the wood in your home. This can cause serious damage.
  • Fire Ants can be dangerous as their sting is extremely painful and will often result in a raised welt that becomes a white blister. People who are allergic to insect stings could react more severely
  • Pharaoh ants transmit a few different pathogens that can cause serious illnesses, these pathogens include salmonella and Streptococcus. They can be incredibly dangerous in hospitals if they contaminate patients’ wounds.


If you know the type of ant you are dealing with it will be easier to identify where their nest is and what sources of food are attracting them.


  • Small black ants mostly live in an outdoor colony and only enter structures to search for food. This infestation would be treated by following the ants trail back to their colony and treating the problem at the source.Β  Once this has been done you can seal off all entry points so that any ants that remain cannot get back into the house.
  • Carpenter ants can be very hard to control as they love to create their nests in moist wood making their nests very had to find.

Prevention is better than cure so the harder you make it for them to get into your home:

  • Seal up entry points.
  • Cleaning up crumbs and spills can go a long way to preventing ants from coming into your home. Do not just wipe down your surfaces but vacuum every day behind furniture and appliances.
  • Removing your garbage immediately can also help from attracting ants to your home.
  • Proper food storage is imperative. Using airtight containers to store food is the best way to go. Wipe down the outside of the containers after each time it is used.

Unfortunately, many of the methods we try to use ourselves to get rid of the ants are not successful in solving the problem.Β  Sometimes they can make the ant infestation worse than before as when they are threatened some ants spilt their colony up into two.Β  As long as the queen is protected and unharmed, they will keep coming.Β  Additionally, many of the store-bought pest control treatments can be harmful and will not solve the ant infestation.Β  As long as the ants are still able to get into your home you will only be killing those that you spray, the rest will find a way around the spray and their colony will remain intact.


Once you have ants in your home, they are pretty much there to stay unless you put your trust in the professionals by using the #1 pest control company in Sydney.Β  Call Sydney’s Best Pest Control on 1300 760Β 045.