Controlling ants and termites

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Controlling ants and termites


Ants and termites are two invasive pests whose large colonies send an endless stream of invaders into your home looking for food.

  • Once inside, ants contaminate your food, and some varieties even sting.
  • Termites can cause extensive damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Identifying Ant and Termite Infestations:


Spot a trail of ants in your kitchen? Rather than rush into a solution, it is crucial to take the time to evaluate the situation. The type of treatment you should implement will depend on the type of ant that is infesting your home, what they are feeding on, where they are entering, and the location of the nest.

Do you have trails of brown ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, sugar ants, fire ants, or a variety?


A termite infestation is harder to identify, because these pests invade through or around the foundation of your home and eat away at the structural wood from the inside out.

It may take months or years before you notice the damage if you ignore the signs.

One sign of a termite infestation is mud tubes around your home’s foundation—these passageways are built by worker termites to grant them safe passage from the dirt to your home’s wood.

You can also check for termites by probing wood that may be affected. Sydney’s Best Pest Control can help you confirm the warning signs and take necessary action before it is too late.

By doing annual termite inspections you can end up saving yourself unimaginable damage.

Professional Treatment for Ants:

To get rid of ants and termites in your home, you will need to destroy their colony, and most importantly, their queens.

Pesticide treatments for ants include bait applications, through which workers carry poison back to the nest, and nest applications, which get directly to the source.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control will identify which pesticide treatment is most effective for your home and the type of ants invading it.

We will also help you correct the conditions that attracted the ants in the first place.

We will direct you to seal the culpable entry points and remove or manage the food source. This may mean sweeping up crumbs more frequently, always rinsing your dishes immediately after dinner, and/or storing pantry items in airtight containers.

Professional Treatment for Termites:

Common termite solutions include soil treatments and baiting systems.

There Are Two Main Types of Soil Treatments:


  • Repellent termiticides work by creating a termite toxic barrier around a house.
  • Repellent termiticides are mostly used during the pre-construction stage.


  • With non-repellent termiticide, termites are unable to detect that an area has been treated and hence do not avoid the treated area.
  • Sydney’s Best Pest Control offers a 5-year warranty on non-repellent treatment. Conditions do apply and are subject to house structure and design.

Termite Baiting & Monitoring Systems.

Termite baiting does not involve spraying chemicals or trenching. Stations are placed in specific areas around your home and once termite activity is discovered baits are placed inside the existing stations.

To avoid spending thousands of dollars repairing termite damage contact Sydney’s Best Pest Control to get you the fastest, most cost-effective and thorough treatment possible. Call us on 1800 819 189 or email us using our easy contact us form.

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