Ant Treatments – Why We’re Different!

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Ant Treatments – Why We're Different!

Ant Treatments – Why We’re Different!

It can be frustrating to find ants in your home which have proven to be difficult to control. Considering ants travel through unsanitary areas before they end up in your home, on your countertops, in your cupboards and near your food you should take steps to keep them away!

Ants externally do not get eradicated with the traditional cockroach/spider sprays and ants will usually stay away from areas that have been conventionally treated with spider or cockroach sprays and therefore close of their nest entry points only to come up somewhere else.

Many times whilst quoting for ants I am asked why are our ant treatments more expensive than other companies. The reason being is the pesticide that we use to eradicate not just the surface ants that can be seen but the entire nest. Keep reading to find out the benefits of our ant treatments.

Typical Signs of an Ant Infestation

  • Live ants.
  • Ant pathways in and out of your home.
  • Small heaps of earth or dirt indicating nests.

How YOU can help Prevent Ants from invading your home

Ants usually come inside your home looking for food and are attracted by sweet and sticky substances.


  • Clean up spills and food crumbs quickly.
  • Empty rubbish bins often.
  • Do not feed pets inside.
  • Store food in pest-proof containers.
  • Rinse out jars and containers before placing them in rubbish and recycling bins


  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house.
  • Keep gutters and storm drains free of debris.
  • Watch for new ant mounds or nests around your home.
  • Keep trash bags sealed and in closed garbage cans.
  • Seal doors and windows

Sydneys Best Pest Control Ant Treatment – Which WORKS!


For ants inside we place low toxic bait which they also take back to the nest, to kill the colony and Queen. If your ant problem is only inside the bait is sufficient.

If you perceive the ants outside to be an issue we recommend you do for ants outside also.


With ants we use a special product called Termidor; as ants are unaware Termidor is a poison they end up walking over it and taking back to the nest where they transfer it between each other therefore eradicating the whole nest.


  • Wipe countertops down
  • Wipe under appliances to remove food scraps
  • Wipe down any open jars of honey, syrups, sugars

FAQ’s about our Ant Treatment

Is Termidor safe?

Termidor has been assessed by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority and Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and is fully approved for use in domestic situations. Termidor is water-based and virtually has no odour, will not leach through soil and is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants. In addition, the active ingredient is used extensively on food crops around the world and as the leading product for flea and tick control on dogs and cats in Australia since 1996. Termidor has also been safely used in over 4 million homes throughout the USA and Europe.

How will you apply Termidor to my home for ants?

Termidor is applied outside to the exterior foundation of your house, creating a treated area of protection.

How fast will Termidor work to eliminate ants?

The effects of Termidor should begin within one to three days and most ants will be controlled within the first week following the treatment.

Will Termidor have or leave an odour?

No, Termidor has virtually no odour.