There is nothing worse than going to sleep at night and waking up full of suspicious bites. The thought is enough to make your skin crawl.

When it is summertime and we are accustomed to being exposed to mosquitoes, fleas and gnats, we don’t take much notice of red itchy bites.

How do you tell when it is more that just an itchy bite?

How do you know when the bites are in fact being caused by the blood sucking little critters that feast on your blood while you sleep, otherwise known as bedbugs?

Find out how to detect an infestation quickly before it spreads:

How to identify a bedbug bite:

  • The reaction to bedbug bites can differ from person to person. But generally, they will take the form of itchy, red bumps aligned in straight rows, often in groups of threes.
  • Some tips to determine whether your bites are from bedbugs or a more benign insect are as follows:
    • Before you go to bed, check your body for bites and make a mental note of where they appear.
    • In the morning, check your skin again.
    • Bites that arrive overnight strongly suggest that you are being bitten by bedbugs.

How to Tell If You Have Bedbugs:

Check your mattress, sheets, bedding and furniture:


  • Bug droppings (tiny, dark spots)
  • Red blood stains
  • Insect eggs (white ovals about 1/16″ in length)
  • The bugs themselves (brown ovals up to 1/4″ long)

Step by Step:

  1. Pull your bed and nightstand away from the wall, and watch to see if any bugs scurry away. You may also see excrement stains on the wall.
  2. Remove the top layers of bedding (your blankets or comforters), leaving just the fitted sheet on the bed. Hold a flashlight close to the sheet so that you can examine it thoroughly. If you don’t find anything on the sheet, move on to check the mattress.
  3. Focus on the mattress seams; that’s where bedbugs like to hide. You can press a credit card against the seam to hold it back while you shine the flashlight on the darker areas. (You’ll want to flip the mattress over and check the other side as well.)
  4. Finally, check the joints of your bed frame, shining the flashlight into all the dark crevices to search out the bugs. Snap photos and bag any evidence you find.
  5. Continue your search through the rest of your home, pulling all upholstered furniture away from walls and thoroughly checking around zippers and seams.

Whether you find signs of a bedbug infestation or are still simply itching from an unknown cause, phone a professional. Sydney’s Best Pest Control has much more experience with the search and knows exactly what to look for—and in this case, it’s better to have a second opinion.

Our friendly and experienced technicians will advise you preparation as well as after care once the treatment has been done.

If you have spotted any of the signs above then call us on 1300 760 045 or email us using our easy contact us form.

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