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Certain odours are obvious and unavoidable. When you experience a distinctive whiff in the air, like that of mould, it would be beneficial to search for bugs. Bedbugs are the culprits who not only leave you with red blotches on your skin while sleeping at night, but they also release alarm pheromones which has a musky and sweet stench. Both indicators would be more than enough to cause nightmares, which can be avoided and treated if done correctly.

Once the terrorising army of little bloodsuckers have been disturbed, the problem may become worse and much bigger than the tiny spots they leave behind. Not only the marks on your skin or steins on your bed linen. but also, the shedding of their own skins and faecal secretions may be evident.

Also known as “Coriander Bugs,” because of their distinctive aroma, are like that of stinkbugs, hence the fitting name.

Bedbugs are smart weasels, making use of any opportunity to attach themselves to people, clothing, and furniture without being detected. You may need a magnifying glass or a good pair of eyes to see their 5mm bodies in full glory. They might be travelling straight into your home, invading your bed and your dreams, only to reproduce quickly. A female can lay up to 500 eggs in her spanned lifetime. You do not want any one of the hundreds to appear in your bed.

Such a tiny critter yet causing major damage to your home if undetected and unresolved. By having a plan of action in place there is absolutely no need to panic.

Unfortunately, DIY treatments do not solve the problem and will not be effective. A good pest control company will be able to enforce a strategy to detect the areas infected and terminate the problem.



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